No! to Earth Hour

No! to Earth Hour

by Michael Darby

24 March 2017


Two hundred and one years ago in 1816 a 28 year-old Englishman named Francis Ronalds first constructed a working electric telegraph. This gentleman, who at the age of 82 became Sir Francis Ronalds, may deserve the title of the first electrical engineer.

Electrical engineers and their close allies the electricians are members of a splendid worldwide band of great contributors to the modern era, the people who turn on the lights for the world. I reckon the easiest way to measure the happiness and prosperity of nations is by the Electricians Index. More electricians equals more prosperity and more happiness. Australia is high on the Electricians Index; North Korea is near the bottom.

Also close to the bottom of the Electricians Index is Myanmar, mostly known as Burma. In 2013 Myanmar had a population of 53 million, with total electricity consumption according to the International Energy Agency of less than nine million megawatt hours. In the same year Australia with a population of 23 million enjoyed total electricity consumption according to Australian Energy Statistics of 254 million megawatt hours. That is one sixth of a megawatt hour per head per year in Myanmar and eleven megawatt hours per head per year in Australia. To put it another way, the average Australian has the benefit of sixty-six times as much electricity as a resident of Myanmar.

The Asia Biomass Energy Office reports that 97% of energy used in the Myanmar residential sector is produced by biomass, which means that almost everyone cooks with wood, contributing to the observed decrease in forests. The same organisation reports that 74.7% of electricity is generated by hydro and 20.5% by gas. That is a total of 95.2% which means that oil and coal are insignificant in electricity generation. That should make the opponents of coal and oil very happy indeed.

But here is something truly amazing. The Worldwide Fund for Nature Australia is a registered charity (ABN number 57001594074) with a cute little panda as a logo. WWF Australia is currently conducting an advertising campaign aimed at stopping drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight.

And what is WWF Australia doing in Myanmar? A genuine charity would be working to help the Burmese get access to energy so they can keep their food fresh, educate their children, extend their lifespans, and stop cutting down forests to cook their food. Not WWF Australia. WWF activists are in Myanmar now, organising the Burmese participation in Earth Hour. WWF is trying to convince the Burmese that they each don’t deserve even the one sixty-sixth fraction of the electricity which we Australians enjoy.

Perhaps Mynamar would prefer less of this and more electricity?

The naked hypocrisy of WWF and its anti-energy allies is on display. These people do not really hate coal.  These people do not really hate oil. What they hate is all energy, which means they hate human progress and they hate humanity. WWF Australia is a fake charity which extracts money under false pretenses from gullible Australians, and uses that money to depress living standards and harm the environment in one of the poorest countries in the world.

What Myanmar needs is fewer saboteurs and more electricians.

Wentworth Report readers are entitled to be unimpressed by plans being made for so called “Earth Hour” on Saturday 25 March. Thousands of misled people across Australia will be lighting candles instead of flicking light switches, and a few of them will accidentally start fires and threaten the lives of their loved ones.

Real Australians are very well aware of the struggles of the pioneers and the joy which greeted the arrival of electricity at each rural household.

Dangerous organizations, some like WWF Australia pretending to be charities, are trying to convince Australians that electricity is a bad thing and should be switched off for an hour. “Switch off to the future” is the theme.

The proponents of Earth Hour want us to have a future like North Korea, which when viewed at night from space shows barely a glimmer in contrast to all the happy glow of prosperity visible from South Korea and increasingly from China.

The proponents of Earth Hour are out to control the minds of our children. This is not a game. Earth Hour is a deadly serious plan intended to recruit innocent youngsters to the wicked cause of bringing down the modern era and dragging us back at least two centuries. Without coal and without electricity, modern medicine is impossible and human lifespans will be halved.

Perhaps worst of all, the proponents of Earth Hour are determined to crush the hopes of the poor and disadvantaged of the world, who unanimously yearn for the inexpensive energy which most of us in Australia take for granted. Until recently almost all Australians could depend upon reliable baseload power. Sadly the saboteurs are making the decisions in South Australia, and Victoria is not far behind.

Do not let the saboteurs get away with it. Not for an hour, not even or a minute. So if your six year old or your ten year old comes home with the intention of turning off the family’s power on Saturday, draw a line in the sand and rescue your child from recruitment into the evil ranks of the appalling enemies of civilisation.  Make no mistake, they have declared war on the modern era and they are determined to recruit your children as child foot soldiers in that war.

When Earth Hour strikes, I’ll proudly have all my lights turned on.  Join me.