Lefties Giving Our Lives More Texture

Lefties Giving Our Lives More Texture

by David Archibald

20 March 2017


People who have a belief system outperform, in general, those who regard any form of religion as mere superstition. In fact it seems that our brains are hardwired for some sort of belief system. After all, religion is part of culture and culture is the extension of evolutionary processes by non-physical means. The same is true of ritual. Those who lead deracinated lives are less happy than those who have purpose. The Jewish faith demonstrates how much ritual a people can take and still be productive.

The global warming hysteria gave a much-appreciated boost to ritual observance. All the oil companies were wishy-washy in their response to the sham science, but BP and Shell were complete sellouts to the forces of darkness. Thus in buying petrol it is an easy choice to avoid those two brands. Choosing other brands remains an easy way to help preserve Western Civilization.

And now a whole new layer of complexity to our lives has come along. There is now a push to have the Australia Federal Parliament vote on gay marriage and avoid a vote by the Australian public. The CEOs of 20 companies and institutions have signed a letter to the Prime Minister to that end. But the letter doesn’t say which companies are represented and should thus be avoided. To make up for that deficiency, here is the list:

  1. Mark Bernhard — GM Holden
  2. Andrew Clark — Boston Consulting Group
  3. Geoff Culbert — GE Australia
  4. Robert Cutler — Clayton Utz
  5. Michael Ebeid — SBS
  6. Shayne Elliott — ANZ
  7. Tracey Fellows — REA Group
  8. David Gallop — Football Federation of Australia
  9. Richard Goyder — Wesfarmers
  10. Todd Greenberg — National Rugby League
  11. Brian Hartzer — Westpac
  12. Cindy Hook — Deloitte
  13. Tony Johnson — EY Australia
  14. Alan Joyce — Qantas
  15. Tony King — Apple Australia
  16. John Lydon — McKinsey Australia
  17. Steve McCann — Lendlease
  18. Anthony Moore — Basketball Australia
  19. Stephen Moore — SAP
  20. Ian Narev — Commonwealth Bank
  21. Peter Nash — KPMG Australia
  22. Paul O’Sullivan — Optus
  23. Andrew Penn — Telstra
  24. Kerry Purcell — IBM Australia
  25. Tim Reed — MYOB
  26. Heather Ridout — Australian Industry Group
  27. Luke Sayers — PwC Australia
  28. Ann Sherry — Carnival Australia
  29. Rachel Stocks — American Express Australia
  30. Peter Tonagh — News Corp
  31. Louis Vega — Dow Chemical
  32. Andrew Vesey — AGL
  33. Jennifer Westacott — Business Council of Australia
  34. David Zehner — Bain and Company

It is helpful of these companies to self-identify as enemies of civilization.  In one way the list is heartening, in that they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel and include Basketball Australia.


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