Introduction to Senator Fraser Anning, Perth 4th May 2019

Introduction to Senator Fraser Anning, Perth 4th May 2019

by David Archibald


David Archibald’s introduction of Fraser Anning in the Caversham Memorial Hall.


Plato said that the penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.

There is no doubt that we are ruled by evil men, and evil women.

Evil men like Bill Shorten.

Evil women like Tanya Plibersek.

I speak of the future imperfect.

When the worst that could happen on the 18th of May, happens.

And those two end up running the country.

And then running it into the dirt.

We must avoid that fate.

And we can.

We can vote for someone far, far better.

Someone who loves this country and wants the best for us.

Someone who has no other agenda than to make sure that Australia has the best future it could possibly have.

And that includes all the Australians as yet ungotten and unborn, the generations who will follow us.

Someone who knows the dignity of work.

Because he has worked hard all his life.

And he is not resting yet.

He is our muse, our guiding light, our philospher king.

He is a latter day Cincinnatus who is serving his country in our hour of need.

And by doing so provides a choice beyond the pure evil of Labor and the hopelessness and incompetence of the Liberals.

I  speak of none other than our beloved Senator Fraser Anning.

What holds a nation together is not common interest.

Saint Augustine said that a nation is held together by common love – mutual affection for our fellow Australians.

Senator Anning has that in spades.

Those are not just empty words.

Senator Anning was the only member of the last parliament to help the bank victims.

If words are an indication of a man’s character, more telling are his deeds.

Senator Anning and his staff helped bank victims to get restitution, not just the ones in Queensland but from every state.

They didn’t have to do this — in fact no other member of parliament lifted a finger.

Senator Anning and his staff took it upon themselves to right wrongs because it was the right thing to do.

The bank victims were people who had done no wrong, who could be helped, and so Senator Anning and his staff helped them.

The scant resources of a single senator were used to achieve a great deal of good.

This is the accounting of that good to date.

Over 200 bank victims were advised, over 80 of whom were helped with regard to meetings with banks and speaking at inquiries.

Of these, only 27 were Queenslanders.

Senator Anning and his staff stepped up to the plate here in WA because the last crop of parliamentarians from WA were too lazy do anything.

Positive results ranged from $5 million written off a debt, to a million dollar payout, to a few thousand dollars being paid

If anyone from the last parliament has moral authority, it is Senator Fraser Anning.

He is here, as we all are, to stop our country degenerating into a third world rabble.

He has the common sense that is needed to turn our country around.

At the moment agitated loons who believe in global warming are running the country into the ground.

There is a lot of job desperation in Western Australia with an unemployment rate of 6.8%.

The Labor and Liberal renewables policies, based on the loony notion of global warming, will send power prices through the roof.

A lot of industries are going to close as a result.

Who knows where the unemployment rate will end up?

15%?  20%?

Or beyond 20%?

Job desperation in Western Australia is going to get a lot worse.

Labor knows what their policies will do to the country.

And they couldn’t care less.

Thus Chris Bowen said that if people didn’t like Labor’s poisonous policies they could vote for someone else.

Until recently there wasn’t much of a choice.

It was either the pure evil of Labor or the hopelessness and incompetence and lesser evil of the Liberals.

Fortunately for Australia Senator Fraser Anning appeared just in time to give us hope that there will be a better tomorrow.

We don’t have to fear the 18th of May.

We can look forward to it.

Now there is a real choice.

There is hope.

The 18th of May may mark the end of the endless stupidity.

And it is because of this man.

Ladies and gentlemen, Senator Fraser Anning.