Fear of the Plebiscite on Gay Marriage

Fear of the Plebiscite on Gay Marriage

by Brian McRea, Director of the Australia First Party (WA)

Brian McRea

23 August, 2016


The Turnbull government have locked themselves into holding a plebiscite on same sex marriage and in the end this will be one of the smartest things they have announced, if they have the courage to follow it through.

We have all heard the ABC, Labor, Greens and a plethora of left leaning groups and mouthpieces claiming that “most” Australians support same sex marriage.

As the ABC stack their programs with those supporting their stand, they are being seen as more and more foolish. They and their followers realise that they will be found out for fools when the plebiscite reveals the true opinions of the Australian people.

Here is a good example of the ABC putting its foot in its own mouth!

Turnbull is also in the crosshairs. He is perched precariously on the fence after claiming that he supports gay marriage, and will now have to suffer the results of the plebiscite — which will very likely be opposite to his own socialist position.

It is a disgrace that while Australia cries out for leadership in halting our slide towards a deep black hole, our elected “managers” bicker about something of no importance to most Australians, only to a minority who continually seek to justify their break from the rules of nature.

While gays and their like should not be targeted for their lifestyle choices, they should equally not expect any special treatment, as they already enjoy acceptance of their sexual leaning and the country has more pressing matters to attend to.

“Red Herrings do not taste good to a hungry mob”