Covid and Cancer: The Epidemic Begins

Covid and Cancer: The Epidemic Begins

by David Archibald

12 March 2023


As a disease, covid is highly inflammatory. It chews through the body’s store of antioxidants and creates an excess of reactive oxygen species (molecules). From first principles then, covid should therefore cause an increased cancer incidence.

It is aided to that end by a couple of factors. Firstly, the spike protein travels to the nucleus and inhibits the p53 gene. This is the process by which either a genetic mistake is corrected or a signal is sent to the cell surface to start the apoptotic cascade of the caspases. This is programmed cell death, in which the aberrant cell is chopped up and carried away in the intracellular fluid.

This is figure 1 (E) from that paper, showing the 90% inhibition of Homologous Repair (HR) by the spike protein:



Nsp stands for nonstructural protein. They also have an effect but there is only one of each of those per covid virion, as opposed to about 40 spikes.

Secondly, Western Civilization decided to give itself several doses of spike protein and call that vaccination. One consequence of that is an impaired immune system after the third dose, as we recounted in this article. Briefly, the spike converts the bulk of the immune system to treating infections as if they were an allergen, as shown by this figure of IgG4 levels (FU = follow up, months after the vaccination):



Note that the y axis scale is logarithmic. IgG4 protects the foreign body it attaches to from attack by the rest of the immune system. So the three dose vaccine enthusiasts should have a higher covid infection rate, and so they do. In theory the neutrophils should still be operative in combating infection.

Covid has been going for three years and vaccination for two years, so the effect on cancer incidence should be showing up in statistics. And so it is:



This graph shows the deviation from the average weekly rate for deaths caused by malignant neoplasms, from CDC data in the US from 2018 to the seventh week of 2023. The two spikes centered on 2020 are interpreted to be a pull-forward effect by the covid virus affecting individuals with weak immune systems. Then in February to April 2021 there was a change in style and amplitude. Malignant neoplasms are in steep uptrend in the US, corroborating anecdotal reports of cancer incidence. Cancer deaths are now running about 400 per week above what it had been, amounting to an annualized rate of 20,000. Be aware that cancer deaths are a lagging indicator of the disease burden.

February to April 2021 was when vaccination for covid started in the US. When is this trend likely to peak out? Some 230 million Americans have had at least two doses of spike protein so there is a way to go yet. But of course it is a bit more complicated than that. America’s response to covid is divided along political lines. A correspondent in Mississippi reports:

Spike is spike.

Half the country (the rightwing half) completely dropped all pretense at avoiding the virus sometime in late spring/early summer of 20. Schools went back with either no mitigations or ‘you do you’ masking (cloth, nobody knew about n95 other than doctors kids/etc).

Indoor dining resumed, no limits, in July of 20 or early August.

Most of the people we know had the virus in summer/fall of 20…winter of 20 at the latest.  Anything subsequent was reinfection.

By end of school in spring of 21, most kiddos in my family (not mine of course) had had it twice…most are on 5 or 6 now.

Unvaccinated  cousin of mine (three weeks older than me) had had it 3 times by fall of 21…she’s a nurse for a contract nursing company and didn’t require vaccination (owner had a clue about that at least)…but didn’t require anything more than surgical masks.

Most of them are ‘sickly’ now in comparison with previous health…and most are still unvaxed (we are next to lowest rate. Alabama beats us by a couple of percentage points) in the under 50’s age group.

The leftwing half of America chose death enhanced by vaccination, the rightwing half chose death by ‘let her rip’ with gaslighting guiding both lots to their choice as a political decision.

The US military was particularly harsh in enforcing their vaccine mandate. So how has that turned out? Well, they are now testing flying the Hercules with one pilot.

In terms of what to expect, inhibition of the p53 gene will see lymphomas and myeloproliferative disorders first, followed by p53-mediated cancers (biliary, pancreatic, ovary, breast, stomach then later prostate) over the next few years.

Western Australia is an interesting laboratory for studying the cancer response to covid, because we started with spike doses first and then ‘let her rip’ later. Vaccination began in February 2021, with the bulk of the first vaccinations occurring in the second half of 2021. This is a graph of vaccine injuries in Western Australia from 2017 to 2021, finally just released by a reluctant bureaucracy:



Vaccine injuries, from all vaccines, had been under 200 per annum. With the covid vaccines they rose to 1,000 per month.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia.