Christmas Is Not Traditional Anymore

Christmas Is Not Traditional Anymore

by Jaymez

25 December, 2017


Father Christmas should be a gender neutral person because the current male Santa supports the toxic male patriarchy rape culture and is demeaning to women or persons who choose to identify as women. The Father Christmas culture implies that men are the only providers, and also supports the vision of a hetero-normative family with the man in charge. Santa also sends misogynistic messages when he gives girls pink bikes and dolls and boys action figures and cars. This must be stopped!

I have been beaten to the punch. When I first started reading this article I thought the author was having a bit of a joke, but thankfully they are deadly serious:

Jokes aside, the notion that we need more nonbinary figureheads isn’t a bad one. Transgender and nonbinary children would certainly appreciate sharing something in common with a famous holiday character, and it would give others the opportunity to broaden their understanding of gender and further foster acceptance for kids who are different to them.

We need representation across the board and not representation in a fixed way — stereotypes can be damaging to people for numerous reasons.

We have a restrictive idea of what a man or woman is and it assumes women have to be feminine and men masculine — and there’s no room for people who feel they’re both or neither.

Everyone experiences these gender pressures, whether they’re LGBT or not, so gender fluidity is something we all need to be discussing.

And there is more where that came from for instance; ‘Santa Must Be a Woman.’

So what if Santa is a woman? Wouldn’t it be an empowering symbol for our daughters, and a lesson in gender equity for our sons? Besides, these days, who wants their kids sitting on some strange man’s knee at the mall? If we’re going to tease our children with fantasy, wouldn’t it be nice to have a few more female superheroes to tell them about? I say, who better than Santa?

Of course, it would be even nicer if Santa was gender neutral. Like those children being raised by New Age enlightened types that never tell their child his/her/its gender. Sadly, I’m just not sure we’re there yet. The world is not equal.

Hopefully we will continue along our current trajectory, and Santa will become gender neutral. If not Santa would need to be banned from all public representations and appearances for risk of offending someone. If we retain a gender neutral Santa then we would also need to adjust our Christmas/Holiday songs or ban them as too offensive. After all, our State Government have already tried to scrap Christmas Carols in schools.

Another reason to scrap or amend the image of Santa is it is offensive to people of small stature (elfs), and to developing nations which produce much of the gifts from Santa. They are the ones working all year round in sweatshop conditions to provide overindulged first world children with presents. But we never see Santa’s sleigh pulling up outside some third world village to deliver presents to buildings made with little more than mud and straw and a sheet of corrugated iron.

The Santa Clause concept is condoning the capitalist, globalist culture which takes advantage of small malnourished people in third world countries. I expect all the members of the Occupy movement, the Antifa groups and those who protest at global financial summits or who identify as the 99%, to reject any Santa presents they receive today.

Here is my start on revising all classic Christmas — whoops, Holiday Season songs — to make them gender neutral and unoffensive.

I saw PARENT#1 kissing Santa Claus

Underneath the mistletoe last night

THEY didn’t see me creep

Down the stairs to have a peep

THEY thought that I was tucked up

In my bedroom, fast asleep


Then I saw PARENT#1 tickle Santa Claus

Underneath THEIR beard so snowy white

Oh, what a laugh it would have been

If PARENT#2 had only seen

PARENT#1 kissing Santa Claus last night


PARENT#2 saw PARENT#1 kissing, kissin’, kissin’ Santa Claus

I did, I really did see PARENT#1 kissing Santa Claus

And I’m gonna tell my PARENT#2


Then I saw PARENT#1 tickle Santa Claus

Underneath THEIR beard so snowy white

Oh, what a laugh it would have been

If PARENT#2 had only seen

PARENT#1 kissing…