Brexit: UK votes on whether to extend March 29 deadline

Brexit: UK votes on whether to extend March 29 deadline by (The Australian)

h/t Stephen Neil

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

Mr Bercow, (Britain’s Speaker of the House), has allowed four amendments to be voted on today, including one that calls on the government to seek an extension to Article 50 to make time for a second referendum.

Democracy is dead in the UK.  The “elected” representatives of the people apparently couldn’t care less what the largest voter turn out in UK history affirmed. The people want to be free of Brussels, but clearly the politicians don’t.

Only with a threat will the EU accede to a delay:

Today’s vote is on whether to seek a delay of at least three months to Brexit, but will be complicated by EU leaders who have warned they will only allow a delay if the UK agrees a deal.

And this is of course unlikely, so the slow motion train wreck continues toward the 29 March barrier.

Any delay in the Brexit process would require the unanimous approval of all 27 remaining EU member states.

European Council president Donald Tusk said today he would urge EU leaders to consider giving the UK a “long extension” to Article 50 to provide time for Britain to “rethink” its Brexit strategy.

The entire leadership of the UK seems to not notice that if they’d just take their heads out of the sand, turn and fight, they’d find out how much power they really have.  So what is it? Are they simply feckless or is there another agenda at hand? At this point only they know, of course, but it doesn’t look good.  If they’d simply let the date come and go at this point and stand up for themselves, I think they’d find an entirely different tune being sung south of the Channel once the dust settled.

Perhaps this is the real reason the EU is playing hardball without a bat?

The EU has also been reluctant to have any extension that would interrupt its European parliament elections from May 23-26.

A real PM would tell the public the obvious. “The Emperor has no clothes” – nor any real “Trump” cards…:-)  This shouldn’t be as interesting as it is, but break out the popcorn because it looks like we’re just getting warmed up.

Trump Echoes Jexodus: ‘Jewish People are Leaving the Democratic Party’

Trump Echoes Jexodus: ‘Jewish People are Leaving the Democratic Party  by Deborah Danan (

Despite their suicidal denial — from 1933 when Hitler began his assent to power, ’til the myth of Hitler “not being such a bad guy” (YES, an opinion by then many German Jews) was broken by “Kristalnacht” in November of 1938 — Jews were in total denial of the political transformation occurring right before them.

In Wentworthmaven’s opinion, this is exactly what is happening around the world again. Fortunately, so far, to a lesser extent.

Jews in general and American Jews in particular have all supported the Left in large numbers for several historical reasons.

First, the Left was seen in the early part of the last century as the champions of the little people, the disenfranchised and overall – minorities. Socialist Russia was seen as a way out and indeed a way up among Russian Jewish intellectuals.

Second, the Left very successfully sold the Jews in particular that Hitler was a “right wing extremist”.  This began after the end of WW2 with the realization of the true genocidal insanity of Hitler and his Third Reich, when knowledge of the Holocaust became widespread. Exactly how the acronym of NAZI, which literally translated means, National SOCIALIST Workers Party, could have been cork-screwed into a “right wing” philosophy seems a bit of a mystery. A mystery perhaps explained best by Indian American conservative writer, lecturer and film maker, Dinesh D’Sousa.

D’Sousa himself was thrown in jail by Barack Obama’s Dept. of Justice for a minor campaign finance violation. A violation which had never before nor since exacted anything but a small fine. Obama himself violated the exact same law as well as favored Hollywood personality, Rosie O’Donnell, and of course – no one noticed.

In Dinesh D’Sousa’s revealing film and companion book, “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”,  he painstakingly shows the history of the United States from roughly the time of Lincoln (America’s First REPUBLICAN, who freed the slaves), to the present day’s propaganda that turned groups like Black Americans and Jews toward what they saw as a political safe space in the Democrat (and internationally, left wing Labor parties).

Time and again, the big lie was told to again sell the classic belief that the “right” is whom they must fear.  After all, Hitler was a “far right wing” ideologue, right?  Even to this day, the Wikipedia pages state that the NAZI’s were a “far right wing” party.

US President Lyndon Johnson, a Texas Democrat and a famous bigot, remarked upon signing the “Voting Rights Act” in 1965:

The above quotes by Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) read:

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something.. Just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference.” 

“I’ll have those N***ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years”


For those of you who don’t know, Hillary Clinton considered her mentor in the US Senate to be Senator Robert Byrd., who himself was a “high ranking member” of the Ku Klux Klan from 1952 to 2010!

Related: “Hillary Clinton Praises “Friend and Mentor” Robert Byrd”

After viewing D’Sousa’s film or reading his book, your eyes will be opened.

This brings us back to such movements as BREXIT,  BLEXIT (Black’s leaving the Left), WalkAway (started by mostly former white liberals) and now JEXODUS (a play on the concept of Jews leaving Egypt during the book of Exodus).

In the opinion of Wentworthmaven, these movements contain the real thinkers. These groups have been able to get through the propaganda, the “big lie” that the Left is their friend.

We need look no further than Jeremy Corbyn of the UK, the unrepentant Louis Farrakahn, US Congresswomen Rashid Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In their own words they prove their anti-Semitism, without any threat from the Left and their media acolytes. The “Women’s March” organizers,  Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour, are perhaps even worse. The “mainstream media” — the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC along with the BBC, the ABC in Australia and a host of others — absolutely ignore these stories as much as humanly possible.

The globalism the left seeks to empower will stop at nothing to hide their real agenda. From “climate change” and “Agenda 21”, to the EU being run by unelected bureaucrats, the Left marches on.

A recent tweet from President Donald Trump:

Jewish people are leaving the Democratic Party,” Trump said Tuesday, quoting Pipko who made the same declaration on Fox and Friends.

The Left around the world has a history of consuming their own supporters and ideologues in the quest of the elite to establish absolute power.  We’ve seen this historically, in figures like Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, the Castro brothers, and Che Guevara.

Today’s left has changed their attire and tried to convince the world that it’s all been done wrong in the past.  The European Left wants a European Army (not a Navy or an Air Force, just an “Army”). To defend against who? As author David Archibald, a frequent contributor here noted, “to likely use against their own (when needed).”

Using a collection of minority voting blocs to cobble a win is a crumbling strategy. The US open borders policy promoted by the Left is nothing more than a way of importing an entirely new (and illegal — as if they cared) voting bloc.  We see this happening vigorously in the EU. There are recurring attempts to import “new constituents” in Australia, but Australia is blessed by being surrounded by water.

The US Democrat party — the party of “free stuff” —  is, if not getting desperate, at least acting like it. Folks, it’s about time the world got “woke” to the Left and their quest for pure power.

George Orwell, a former man of the Left, warned us in his brilliant book “1984” what Stalin and the Left were up to. Today, the Left simply sees “1984” as a playbook.

BREXIT, BLEXIT, WalkAway AND JEXODUS as movements are waking up to it as well.

Beto the blank

Beto the Blank, by Daniel McCarthy (The Spectator USA).

The title of this article is perfect. He is the most shallow and vacuous candidate to date. Despite his popularity — semi rockstar cool, much like Barack Obama or Bill Clinton in his prime — there’s nobody home.

As McCarthy notes:

Beto is hardly anyone at all….O’Rourke’s advantage lies mostly in the fact that he’s the most photogenic male on the Democratic side. That and a bit of self-delusion is all it takes for some voters and many pundits to convince themselves that he’s the next Bill Clinton.

Good looks are worth six to eight points, to judge by O’Rourke’s support in national Democratic polls so far.

A VP slot for O’Rourke might depend on Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren winning the top spot -– but would they need or want O’Rourke? Maybe instead of being the next Bill Clinton, he’ll be the next Al Gore.

McCarthy’s read on O’Rourke is likely spot on:

More likely, he’s the next John Edwards: good-looking, Southern, and an also-ran.

Stay tuned and get out the popcorn, it’s going to be an interesting election cycle.

Welcome to the Donkey Dow

Welcome to the Donkey Dow — The winners and losers in the most crowded Democratic primary yet, by Cockburn (The Spectator)

Well this post will need only the introduction of what the term “Donkey Dow” means.  For our non-US readers, the Donkey is the symbol of the US Democrat Party.  (Aside: the Elephant is the symbol of the Republicans).  I personally feel the horses rear end is appropriate for the Democrats and the ploddingly, often boring non resolve of the Republicans makes the Elephant just as relevant.

Update: The only update to this so far is that “Beto” has apparently entered the race officially, after saying he wouldn’t (what else is new?) and Biden seems to be just about to do the same.  If Biden enters, he will become the de facto front runner — though that may not last.

Parliament Again Votes on Future of Brexit, No-Deal, and Compromise Arrangements

Parliament Again Votes on Future of Brexit, No-Deal, and Compromise Arrangements  by Oliver JJ Lane (

Related: ‘Parliament No Longer Represents the People’: May Loses Control of OWN MOTION Hijacked by Hardline Remainers, by Victoria Friedman (Breitbart London).

UPDATE — Brexiteers React

Brexiteers have reacted with anger after the House of Commons voted to stop the UK leaving the EU without a deal, whilst the Tory Party is in disarray after Prime Minister Theresa May lost control of her own motion.

Veteran Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage said immediately after the vote, “A total disgrace, Parliament no longer represents the people,” adding, “This is a Parliament of outright liars. We will have to fight them again. And mark my words — we will beat them once more.”

May throws a clear canard in an apparent attempt to cover her backside:

UPDATE 2010 — The Prime Minister Speaks

Theresa May responds:

The house has provided a clear majority for the UK not to leave without a deal, but I will repeat what I said before. These are about the choices this house faces. The legal default remains the UK leaves the EU without a deal unless something else is agreed. The onus is on us in this house to find out what that is.

UPDATE 1930 — Jacob Rees-Mogg reminds that the vote isn’t binding

While Parliament has voted to inform the government of its desire regarding Brexit, this vote is not binding, cool head Jacob Rees-Mogg points out. As he explains in an article published earlier today in British newspaper The Sun, the March 29th departure date remains British law until a bill is brought before Parliament to replace it.

In brief, read the article for the ongoing mayhem that the UK Parliament has become. People thought the US Congress has been an ongoing joke as well. Unfortunately, both are true.

The Latest: EU official says ‘no-deal’ vote wont halt Brexit

British lawmakers reject leaving EU with no deal  by Associated Press

The brinksmanship continues in real time. Though the narrow vote of 312 to 308 in favor of NOT leaving “without a deal” was cast, it’s merely political and has NO legal force.

In other words, this was a useless exercise. It seems that a ‘No Deal” will happen, except that the cowards in Parliment will now ask (beg?) the EU to delay the March 29th date with another scheduled vote tomorrow. Good Grief!

The UK is embarrassing itself.

May firmly places UK in the laughing stocks

May firmly places UK in the laughing stocks  by Greg Sheridan (The Australian).

h/t Stephen Neil

Sheridan notes:

Britain’s House of Commons was right to reject the disastrous deal that Theresa May brought home from Brussels for Britain leaving the EU. While the insider detail is fascinating for political tragics

The following historic parallels are correct and the disaster could eventually manifest itself in a similar manner as to the beginnings of WW2, but would likely play out in  slow motion manner until an economic or political collapse suddenly occurred. This is not far fetched given the nature of the EU project and its idea of elites at the top — unelected, running the show.

Sheridan continues:

The whole Brexit mess is a catastrophic failure by the British political class. It is a failure espec­ially by May, but everyone shares the group blame for not leading their country effectively. It is the worst single failure of UK politics since the infamous appeasement era, in which British leaders refused to face up to the reality of Nazi Germany.

Sheridan further notes:

May’s lack of effective leadership in all this is epic. She triggered the two-year mechanism for withdrawal without any coherent idea of what kind of Brexit she wanted.

Why would she do that? Perhaps because as a “remainer”, she wanted nothing to do with Brexit except to have it go away. The comfort she enjoyed as “one of us” amongst her EU peers had all the perks and none of the work.

As Marie Antoinette purportedly remarked when told the public had no bread, Jean Claude Junker and Ms. Merkel were allowing the UK – in the vernacular, ” to eat cake”. Ms. May seemed all too happy to stand by and watch.

Sheridan notes that at the start of Ms. Mays PM-ship, she had a 23% plus approval. Now that’s gone and if she continues her haphazard “leadership”, will likely be the end of her political career.  I for one wouldn’t want to be associated with the well meaning Neville Chamberlain, but Ms. May seems to be destined for the famous ash heap of history on her present course.

‘WE’RE F****D’ Lame duck Theresa May hit by last-minute mutiny of 15 Brexiteer ministers hijacking tonight’s No Deal vote

‘WE’RE F****D’ Lame duck Theresa May hit by last-minute mutiny of 15 Brexiteer ministers hijacking tonight’s No Deal vote  by Hugo Gye (The Sun)

As the Commons prepared for another crucial Brexit vote:

After last night’s crushing defeat for the PM’s Brexit deal, Parliament will today vote on whether or not to approve a No Deal exit in 16 days’ time.

The fate of a nation and perhaps the future direction of Western civilization may be guided by what MP’s in the UK decide today.

We live in interesting times.

We’re now heading for a no-deal Brexit – but not just yet

We’re now heading for a no-deal Brexit – but not just yet by Robert Peston (The Spectator)

h/t Stephen Neil

These articles may require a subscription to view, but are collectively the most up to date and on point.

The punditry is in a dither as the British Parliament, yet again rejected Theresa Mays “Brexit Deal” by triple digits!

This series of articles from the UK’s “The Spectator” offers several perspectives on what it “might mean” versus what will certainly be the final outcome.  One of the key points is how long can Ms. Mays Prime Ministership last with this ongoing debacle?

Why we could be heading for a third vote on May’s Brexit deal  by James Forsyth (The Spectator)

h/t Scott of the Pacific

Despite the UK freight train is headed for the cliff of a “hard brexit”, the political class is screaming about their fear of a no deal. But is it really as bad as it’s being made out to be?  Ms. May will want yet another vote, which seems to be more about her political future than the best deal for the UK.

As FDR said, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Perhaps the politicians in the UK should take a deep breath and see this break for what it really is. A scream to regain the sovereignty and economic health, (yes – economic health!) of the nation.

There is no way the EU, despite its protestations will take the risk of economically destroying itself by a protracted fight over what was once a pleasant “common market” only relationship.  To do otherwise would be economic suicide and Donald Trump would likely offer the UK cover (and likely has behind the scenes).  In a scenario where the tables could turn in a moment and Jean Claude Junker felt his political existence would be threatened, I believe he would rapidly find himself in a lose, lose situation.  Not only for the himself, but also for the European project.  If only Ms. May would get her head out of the sand and see Brexit for the opportunity it is, all would remain calm and carry on.

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Brexit is now dead  by Rod Liddle (The Spectator)

Why the EU is so keen for Theresa May’s Brexit deal to pass by Johannes de Jong (The Spectator)

The above is what Junker is hoping for.  He’s trying to play poker with May and so far, he’s winning.  If the tables turn, (i.e.: Hard Brexit), the history of the European project will take a distinct turn.  In Wentworthmavens view, for the better.

Felicity Huffman’s bond set at $250G, Lori Loughlin’s husband at $1 million in alleged college admissions scam

Felicity Huffman’s bond set at $250G, Lori Loughlin’s husband at $1 million in alleged college admissions scam   By Julius Young, Mariah Haas, Jennifer Girdon, Sasha Savitsky | Fox News

There are clearly one set of rules for the elite and another for everyone else. The children of the rich and famous as well as connected politicians are now the modern aristocracy.  Though this has been true throughout the course of human history, the hypocrisy is still stunning.  As you read this article, you’ll see the blatant disregard for a classical education despite the fact that everything in these kids lives has been served up on a platter.  Is this just another signpost of how Western civilization is going by the wayside?

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TV celebrities, coaches charged in college bribery scheme: The full list

At least 38 people have been arrested as of this posting. More arrests are likely to come. Stay tuned.

Actress Debra Messing Posts Empowering ‘Vagina’ Cupcakes, Gets Trashed As Transphobic And Issues Apology

Actress Debra Messing Posts Empowering ‘Vagina’ Cupcakes, Gets Trashed As Transphobic And Issues Apology by Amanda Prestigiacomo (

This article demonstrates exactly how the Left eats it’s own.

Actress and left-wing activist Debra Messing caught major backlash from social justice warriors after her woke International Women’s Day post of empowering vagina cupcakes was deemed transphobic. In the current year, not all women have vaginas, or something.

The rules of the religion of the Left can be used to capriciously ostracize those who even accidentally transgress. This slippery slope is just one step removed to the next level where Stalin’s Deputy Premier, Lavrenty Beria said, “Show me the man (woman) and I’ll show you the crime”.

Messing went full contrition. Much like the Spanish inquisition, to remain in the good graces of the elite and favored class, it is required to prostrate oneself before the judge and jury or certainly you will be socially executed.

Messing continued. “I loved that this picture said ‘every single one (vagina) is beautiful and unique and that’s powerful.’ I did not, however, think ‘but there are innumerable beautiful, unique and powerful women who don’t have a vagina.[‘] And I SHOULD have. And for that I am so so sorry.”  “Thank you for righting my wrong,” she added.

The Left’s elite and powerful are on a roll.

Here is the full Instagram link: (Click here) that got Messing into hot water with the inter-sectionally “higher class”.

Tucker Carlson: We will never bow to the leftist mob’s attempts to silence us, no matter what

Tucker Carlson: We will never bow to the leftist mob’s attempts to silence us, no matter what – by Tucker Carlson  (Fox News)

The video monologue is 6:40 in length and truly lets we realists know what we’re up against – The Leftist “Mob”, the “Outrage Machine”, the “Virtue Signalers in Chief” – in other words, our betters. These are the same people who once promoted “free speech” who now abhor it.

Tucker notes how the Left can only win by silencing their critics. This cannot really turn out well. Time will tell.

I urge all to watch.