Trump Says New Sanctions on Iran to Start Monday, Dials Back Rhetoric avatar by Reuters and Algemeiner Staff

Trump Says New Sanctions on Iran to Start Monday, Dials Back Rhetoric  by Reuters and Algemeiner Staff.

Between the first Democrat debates and the potential for Iranian fireworks, this will be one of the more interesting weeks of 2019.

US President Donald Trump said on Saturday he would impose fresh sanctions on Iran, but that he wanted to make a deal to bolster its flagging economy, an apparent move to defuse tensions following the downing of an unmanned US drone this week by the Islamic Republic.

Candidate Donald Trump ran on “no wars” and “secure the borders”. He’s walking a tight line between the deep state which see military action as potential dollar signs and his political base which wants nothing to do with foreign fights. Iran certainly knows this, but its hubris could also be its undoing.

Trump offered an olive branch, the proverbial carrot and stick:

He (President Trump) later wrote on Twitter from Camp David: “We are putting major additional Sanctions on Iran on Monday. I look forward to the day that Sanctions come off Iran, and they become a productive and prosperous nation again.”

Despite Iranian bluster and defiance, the US made a strong but none too subtle point when last week in response to the bringing down of a US drone it unleashed a cyber attack against the Iranian regime.

On Thursday, the Pentagon launched a long-planned cyber attack in retaliation for the oil tanker incidents, Yahoo News reported, citing former intelligence officials. The cyber strike disabled Iranian rocket launch systems, The Washington Post said on Saturday.

Despite the clear escalation by the Iranian regime, President Trump has both showed he can offer an open hand while at the same time show strength.  Anyone who has studied the Iranian theocracy clearly knows that strength is all they understand.  Without standing up to the Mullahs, regional conflict would be just around the corner.


Democrats: Biden Is ‘Unchanging,’ ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen’

Democrats: Biden Is ‘Unchanging,’ ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen  by Katherine Rodriguez (

Former Senator Mike Gravel (Alaska) at age 89 is also going after Joe Biden for not being “progressive” enough.

The former Alaska senator also called the former vice president “a disaster” and voiced his desire for a “serious progressive” to take the White House in 2020.

Know Trump hater and far left Congressman Bobby Rush also voiced his contempt for Biden.

Other Democrats off the campaign trail, including Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) member Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), called Biden “woefully ignorant of the black American experience.”

We see yet again, the Left doing what the Left does best – “eat its own”.

With the Democrat Debates happening this week, it will be very interesting to see how or even IF Joe Biden can handle the heat the way a Donald Trump did.  Somehow, I think his skin is thinner and his energy might not be up to the task.


Biden and Hillary: The eerie similarities between Joe’s 2020 bid and Clinton’s failed campaign

Biden and Hillary: The eerie similarities between Joe’s 2020 bid and Clinton’s failed campaign – Colin Reed (Fox News)

Image: Mark Stewart – US Dept. of State

With the far left’s — quite frankly insane policies of most of the US Presidential hopefuls — former V.P. Biden would seem the only candidate with a real chance of upending President Trump.

Colin Reed notes:

….the undeniable comparisons between Biden’s bid and the last failed Democratic candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Reed continues:

The 1990s era culture of triangulation and a pro-business Democratic Party that Biden and Clinton thrived in have been replaced by a 2019 edition more focused on ideological purity and identity politics.

Biden bemoaning the good old days when people who disagreed could nonetheless work together is not what his voters want to hear right now. Anger and grievance populism are in, compromise is out.

Reed points out that much of Clinton’s demise as a candidate was her inability to hide clear corruption. Trump came in to “drain the swamp”.

Four years ago, using the levers of government to enrich the family foundation proved to be the scandal Hillary Clinton couldn’t shake. The stench of corruption was too much for voters to stomach,

The scandals revolving around Biden’s strong arming of the President of the Ukraine to fire his chief prosecutor — who apparently had clear evidence that Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son) was involved in a pay for play scheme similar to Bill and Hillary using high office for sale — will alone potentially be Biden’s undoing.

Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, was recently kicked out of the US Naval Academy for cocaine use. Even the MSM is catching on. The next scandal —  Hunter Biden hops on AirForce 2, flies to Beijing and returns with a 1.5 BILLION dollar deal from the Chinese government in an area he has NO expertise in whatsoever — is beyond suspect. Joe Biden presumably thinks he’ll survive this was purely based on a compliant media and Left wing press. As they are now turning on him for ideological reasons, his candidacy is in big trouble — right before the first US Democrat Party Presidential debates next week.

Now, Biden faces a similar predicament. You can bet his fellow Democrats are strategizing about the best way to weaponize the attack. Biden will not be able to dismiss the allegations as a figment of the right-wing attack machine. Even progressive watchdog groups –- and fierce critics of President Trump -– told ABC that Hunter Biden’s work represented a “huge appearance of conflict.”

Next week should be fascinating in US politics. Pop up the pop corn and watch the accusations and fur fly.

If Biden falls, only “Pocahontas” Warren would have an outside chance at “The Donald”.

I doubt Trump could win a second term landslide as Ronald Reagan did, but as long as the US economy chugs along and Trump doesn’t go to war with Iran, his chances of re-election are looking better all the time.

Enjoy the upcoming show!

Dick Morris: Trump Is Waging (and Winning) a Peaceful World War III Against China

Dick Morris: Trump Is Waging (and Winning) a Peaceful World War III Against China – The Western Journal

Dick Morris (former adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton – now a definite foe of them both) has noted:

The stakes could not be higher in President Trump’s economic trade war with China. They go far beyond any usual economic conflict and amount to an economic World War III.

Morris also states:

China is run by a handful of men in Beijing who need not pay the slightest attention to the views of those they govern or the nations they dominate. The hope of the world in resisting this quest for domination is the trade war being waged by Donald Trump. His tariffs against China and his economic sanctions are the kind of early intervention that Britain and France should have made when Hitler invaded the Rhineland in 1936.

Morris is also the author of:  “Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary” published months before the 2016 US Presidential Election.

He has  been a very prescient political analyst in his career and this article in the opinion of Wentworthmaven is spot on.

Friends from “Downunder” take note. In the opinion of WWM, should Trump make a “real deal” with China, the Australian Dollar will explode north and along with it, the equities markets.  Whether that occurs is matter for extensive debate. The sticking point of course is that China, (like Iran), loves to tell the West what it wants to hear, but wants no accountability or mechanisms for enforcement. In the words of Ronald Reagan: they want anything but his “Trust but verify”.

The article clearly states that China’s position is, (like most communist/socialist regimes), all about perceived grievance.

The article is short and succinct.  I think this will help clarify what most of this brouhaha is all about.


Erdoğan’s Istanbul Nightmare

Erdoğan’s Istanbul Nightmare by Burak Bekdil (Gatestone Institute)

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan 2019 (cropped).jpg

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Unbelievably, this is the man that Barak Obama said was, “His favorite foreign leader”.  On what basis, heaven only knows.

Much like Hitler fought Stalin – not over political philosophy, but rather “who would be in charge”, Erdogan fought ISIS. Not because he disagreed with ISIS’s leader, Al Baghdadi, but rather because Al Baghdadi had the temerity to “believe” HE was the new Caliphe – not Erdogan. Erdogan helped put him in his place, just like he has everyone else in Turkey – until now.

Erdoğan believed — and made the average Turk believe — that Turkey is a major world power. He claimed that his rule made miracles in the economy. Therefore, since his Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in 2002, he has not lost a single election. Everything was coming up roses all the time. Not anymore.

Bekdil continues:

Who wins Istanbul wins Turkey,” has been Erdoğan’s dictum since 1994, when he won mayoral elections in Turkey’s biggest city (home to nearly 15% of Turkey’s 57 million voters and accounting for 31% of its GDP). Twenty-five years later, his candidate for mayor of Istanbul, former prime minister Binali Yıldırım, lost in the local election — the first defeat in Istanbul for Islamists since 1994. Game not yet over, Erdoğan ruled.

Erdogan likely manufactured the failed coup attempt to purge his political enemies and secure his grip on the military using cronies instead of competent officers. (Wentworthmaven’s opinion).

Bekdil concludes:

Even if Erdoğan wins Istanbul in the re-run, he will have lost the last few remaining crumbs of his international credibility.

It’s a delicate balance of NATO and the USA playing on one side with Putin constantly trying to woo Erdogan away from the West.  Erdogan has been in the catbird seat for the last two decades; perhaps this will finally come to an end? Especially if the EU grows a backbone and holds him to task.  Unlikely, but then so was Trump, Brexit and European citizens finally waking up to a new reality.

UK: Appeaser Theresa May resigns over Brexit failure, Robert Spencer issues statement

UK: Appeaser Theresa May resigns over Brexit failure, Robert Spencer issues statement (Video 4:15)

Theresa May not only will perhaps go down as the worst British PM since Neville Chamberlain, but also as one of the great purveyors of “Fake News”. From likely colluding with the Obama administration in attempting to undermine President Trump to her blatant hypocrisy, which this short video will enlighten our readers to.

Robert Spencer, a mild mannered erudite Islamic and Christian scholar, who not once has ever suggested the use of violence, has been wrongfully vilified by May. He was literally banned from entering the UK by then Home Secretary, Theresa May.

With the impending and ironic victory of the new UK Brexit Party to help hasten the exit of the UK from the disastrous EU, Boris Johnson will likely find great support from the Brexiteers — led by Nigel Farage and the resurgence of the conservative collective joining the serious Tories and UKIP’ers to finally get the UK out of the EU!

Wentworthmaven has followed Spencer for years and he’s exactly the opposite of what the mainstream media and the ilk of Ms. May would have us believe.

A Whiff of Justice and the Smell of Fear

A Whiff of Justice and the Smell of Fear – Firewall by Bill Whittle (8 minutes).

The “WenthworthMaven” is slowly returning.  I had a bit of a medical bout, but am finally on the mend. As such, perhaps slowly at first, but for now at least – I’m back!…..:-)

For those of you from Australia and the UK, perhaps the analogy of the “Deep State” and Bill Whittle’s video above will have a ring of truth?

It is often said what happens in the USA, (Think Donald Trump) will soon occur in Australia (and perhaps the UK). With the Phoenix like re-emergence of Scott Morrison as Australian PM and now Boris Johnson waiting in the wings as the inept Theresa May exits – “Stage Brexit”, much is possible.

What may be about to occur in the USA, just maybe, will be a new harbinger and breath of fresh air for us all?

Enjoy the always acerbic Bill Whittle, who gives us all a brief history lesson and food for thought.

Government Whip Resigns over May’s Decision to Delegate Brexit to ‘Calamity’ Corbyn

Government Whip Resigns over May’s Decision to Delegate Brexit to ‘Calamity’ Corbyn’ by Oliver JJ Lane (

h/t Scott of the Pacific

‘Calamity Corbyn’ about says it all!:

Theresa May is no Margaret Thatcher:

Theresa May’s ever more precarious government has suffered another resignation, this time from a junior minister and government whip who said Wednesday that the prime minister was failing in both her main duties — to deliver Brexit, and prevent a left-wing Corbyn government takeover.

Nigel Adams, MP went on to say:

….instead of moving to deliver Brexit as voted for by the British people, in the language of Adams’ Parliamentary colleagues, the prime minister is now “subcontracting” the business of Brexit to the “known Marxist” leader of the Opposition.

The previous Whip, Gareth Johnson, MP quit as well:

“This agreement prevents us from taking back control and instead could leave us perpetually constrained by the European Union… I have decided the time has come to place my loyalty to my country above my loyalty to the government.”

‘Calamity’ Corbyn

The UK hasn’t looked this bleak since Chamberlain. I wonder if there’s yet another Churchill to save the day?