A Note On The Federal Election In Australia

A Note On The Federal Election In Australia

by David Archibald, author of Australia’s Defence (Connor Court) and Twilight of Abundance (Regnery)

4 July 2016


It was the Safe Schools program that decided it for me. The global warming hoax is a left/right thing and that is understandable. But why be in favour of torturing children and ruining their lives? Human existence is fraught and brittle enough. Children and teenagers need to feel secure to become fully confident adults. Why set out deliberately to make children and teenagers unhappy with themselves? Well of course the answer is that the promoters of Safe Schools want to destroy lives and Western Civilisation as well.

So I stood for the seat of Curtin, in Western Australia. On the ballot draw day at the Australian Electoral (AEC) commission, the candidates for the seat of Curtin and three AEC staff gathered in a small room. One of the AEC staff made a statement acknowledging that an Aboriginal tribe once lived in central Perth — for a gathering of perhaps a dozen people. Invoking a deity at the commencement of any undertaking is a fairly standard sort of religious observance. In this case it is a form of ancestor worship which is a low grade form of religion. Ancestor worship along with nature worship doesn’t build hospitals or retirement villages.

Pre-poll voting started a few days later. Curtin is one of the bluest blood Liberal seats in the nation. The Liberals and the Greens provided almost complete coverage, handing out how-to-vote leaflets, during the hours that pre-polling was open. Labor didn’t bother. Labor doesn’t have many true believers and they would have had to pay people to man the booth. And that would cut into their profit margin of about 11,000 votes at $2.63 per vote. The Greens were the opposite, full of messianic zeal and righteousness. The younger Greens were pleasant enough, though clueless. The older Greens were bitter, unpleasant things, male and female alike. Climate is their totemic issue. Nobody else could care less. The Greens provide a belief system and a social life for the devotees, and in turn they get plenty of free labour.

The Liberals manning pre-polling were either well-dressed retired ladies or Young Lib. political wannabes.

Polling day itself was entertaining. The Greens present were true to type. One thing in their favour is that there don’t seem to be many obese Greens, if any at all. The Labor people were dispirited. They were visited during the day by a couple of CFMEU heavies in black shirts.  They were heavy because they had large builds with big guts. You could tell they were CFMEU because that had those letters tastefully embroidered in yellow on the back of their black shirts. The Labor Party has become the political wing of the CFMEU (observe the volunteer firefighter fracas in Victoria) and their thugs would have been inspecting the union’s investment in the campaign. Most people turning up to vote asked for the Liberal how-to-vote card.

We may have reached peak Aboriginality. In banter with an older female voter, she stated that she was Aboriginal without being prompted. And this was a woman who looked whiter than I do.

The result on the day was that Julie Bishop increased her margin by 2%, while Greens and Labor went backward. In the Senate in WA, the Liberal vote was up 4.4% and the Labor vote was up 7.1%, reflecting the demise of Palmer United. The Greens vote went down by a third to 10.8%. Voting Greens has been a self-indulgence of a wealthy society.  It might prove to be a leading economic indicator.

The result for me, first on the ticket, was that I got 1.65% of the vote — the same as the donkey vote. I am comforted by the fact that Labor got less than ten times my result, and they had brand recognition, supporters, and union thugs and all to support their candidate, while I had none of those things.

The big winner of this election is Pauline Hanson, a latter day Joan of Arc seeking to protect the country of her birth from foreign influences. Hers is a win over Tony Abbott as well, in that Abbott conducted a campaign to destroy her One Nation party.

In 1998, Tony Abbott had established a trust fund called “Australians for Honest Politics Trust” to help bankroll civil court cases against the One Nation Party and its leader Pauline Hanson. That created a climate of opinion which prompted the District Court of Queensland to jail Pauline Hanson for supposed electoral fraud on 20th August, 2003.  The conviction was overturned on appeal on 6th November, 2003. Pauline Hanson was the first female independent candidate (having been disowned as the Liberal candidate by John Howard) to be elected to Federal Parliament, as the member for Oxley in 1996.  She is also Australia’s first former political prisoner to be elected to Parliament.

Tony Abbott went on to destroy himself politically by proving to be an inept and clueless prime minister. He was succeeded as prime minister by someone who is vacuous and clueless. Consider this exchange between Malcolm Turnbull and journalists at the National Press Club:

Malcolm Farr: What about those industries that might look old-fashioned when compared to that, but are strategically important, particularly in the world, as you define it, as being volatile and uncertain? As a Prime Minister, what sort of risk-management measures would you consider for a country that relies on others for refined petroleum, relies on others for vehicles, might be down to one steel plant, is seeing all sorts of resource refineries close down?

Malcolm Turnbull’s reply: 332 words of waffle, then “These are very exciting times, believe me. There has never has been a more exciting time to be an Australian businessman or woman because you know that your future lies in being fast and agile and innovative.”

What is the more prominent element in Turnbull’s reply — his contempt for his audience or just sheer vacuity?

There are many reasons to despair — the carbon tax is back from 1st July, rent-seekers are running amok in the power industry, our defences are almost non-existent, our scientists have been corrupted, our civilisation being traduced by the self-loathers, and the political wing of the CFMEU make take control of the Federal Government as they did the Victorian Government. But the Greens vote has started to ebb and at the other end of the political spectrum a party has emerged which doesn’t believe in global warming.

Australia may have entered a period of political instability, which is a good thing because we don’t want to keep the result of the election from last weekend. If elections come fast and furious from here it will give the Liberal Party opportunities to try new leaders, like Lincoln with his generals, until they find one that works. That person might not yet be in Federal Parliament.