Men’s welfare at the mercy of feminist ideology

Men’s welfare at the mercy of feminist ideology. By Angela Shanahan.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there are 47 male deaths from suicide per week. Meanwhile, there are 71 females who die from fatal domestic violence per year, that equals 1.36 per week.

So male suicides, which are 35 times as numerous as deaths from DV [domestic violence], should also be everyone’s issue. But where is the advertising campaign? Where is the support? The ads that are all about “gendered violence” just blame men, and boys, and the support for men at risk of suicide, except for veterans of the armed forces, is almost nil. …

Male suicide, though complex, is often triggered, in the words of the AIHW research, by “a recent stressful life event”, especially divorce or final separation from a long-term partner. That has been cited by all research into Australian male suicide as the overwhelming reason behind the rise in middle-life suicide, especially where children are involved. …

A win for the ideologues:

An inquiry into the operation of family law earlier this century was one of the longest in Australian history and found suicide among Australian men was disproportionately associated with family law disputes, especially over custody of children. What is more, the level of false accusations was outrageous.

Consequently, in 2006 family law was redrafted to give fathers more say in parenting their children after divorce, with a presumption of shared parenting. Now, due to the untoward influence of the feminist lobby, for whom all marriages are potential minefields of domestic violence, that sensible and humane principle has been abandoned. This is not “reform”. It is a regression to the past.

It is a disastrous change, which will cause more false accusations of violence and more harm to fathers of children and, consequently, more male suicides.

Speaking of domestic violence, another fact that the feminists furiously deny is that about a third of domestic violence is by women. Just check with the hospitals. Or see here, here and here. And the post that keeps on getting lots of hits, even six years later: Rate of Domestic Violence Highest in Lesbian Relationships.