The Oppressed Midwits

The Oppressed Midwits. By Vox Populi.

I created the term midwit to explain the phenomenon I was observing of individuals who, while not stupid by any conventional intellectual measure, nevertheless behaved like angry, retarded chimpanzees whenever presented with any concept or abstract thought beyond their ability to follow.

They also exhibited what struck me as the bizarre tendency to attempt to lecture those who were not only their intellectual superiors, but also those whose knowledge, credentials, and experience considerably exceeded their own on the matter at hand.

As the midwit is more intelligent than the norm, albeit not significantly more intelligent, his IQ will generally fall somewhere in the 105 to 120 range.

The midwit is therefore someone who, in his formative youthful years, is accustomed to thinking of himself as one of the smartest kids in his junior high school class, even though that is only statistically true of the upper end of the midwit range. But even at the low end, the midwit tends to be smarter than two out of every three people he encounters.



However, unlike the high school athlete who discovers he is unable to compete at the college level, let alone the professional level, the midwit never quite relinquishes the idea that he is, fundamentally, a Smart Boy who Knows Better than everyone else.

The woke are overwhelmingly midwits. They find more talented or smarter people oppressive. No matter how hard the midwit tries or practices, when he wakes up the next morning the brighter people will still be brighter than him. Some learn to accept the genetic lottery and focus on making the most of what they have, but others complain that it is unfair.

Lately the midwits have learned to gang up on the more talented using superior numbers — ever notice how there are a lot more midwits than people in the Bell curve beyond them? They demand equal outcomes (but not from people less able than them, of course, because that would be too anti-meritocratic).  Their goal is to exclude people smarter than them from all the good economic opportunities. Lowering university standards so far has a lot to do with this.

Ever noticed that every oppressor group has a higher average IQ than the oppressed group (except gays and trans)?

In a government department I consulted to for a few years, I noticed that the existing staff — who had a big role in selecting new staff for the department — vetoed anyone who was more able than them, and would therefore be stiff competition for future promotions. Over a few years, the staff got noticeably dumber. Now apply that impulse across much of society. Or imagine running a professional football club along those lines! Or a nation.

Target de jour: Jews are the ethnic group with the highest average IQ, of about 115. They oppress all other ethnic groups merely by existing, and are widely hated for it. (Btw, God’s chosen people were given rules to live by. Could there be a connection? Hint: consider genetic trends.)

In the last century, there have been at least three pogroms aimed at sections of the high end of the Bell curve: the Jews in Europe around 1940, the Kulaks of Russia in the 1930s, and anyone who finished high school or wore reading glasses in Pol Pot’s Cambodia in the 1970s.