The Hamas cartoon the left cannot abide

The Hamas cartoon the left cannot abide. By Pia Krishnankutty. The left don’t like to be reminded of who they actually support, so they found this cartoon “offensive” and banned it in the US.

On Thursday morning, The Washington Post withdrew a cartoon, titled “Human Shields”, which depicted four children strapped to the body of a man in a suit, and a woman cowering behind him. …

The cartoon by two-time Pulitzer winner Michael Ramirez invited sharp reactions from many journalists, academics and regular readers of the American daily who termed it “racist” and “derogatory”.

In a note later in the day, The Washington Post’s Opinion Editor David Shipley expressed “regret” for allowing the cartoon to be published. … “A cartoon we published by Michael Ramirez on the war in Gaza, a cartoon whose publication I approved, was seen by many readers as racist… the reaction to the image convinced me that I had missed something profound, and divisive, and I regret that.” …

So “racist” that even the editor of the The Washington Post didn’t spot it. Sure.

Critics like Pakistani writer and columnist Fatima Bhutto called the cartoon “anti-Muslim”, “racist” and a “disgrace” while Owen Jones, a columnist for The Guardian, described it as “racial dehumanisation” of the residents of Gaza.

The usual name-calling is empty and demonstrably off-target. But the censorship is real — the outcry caused the removal of the cartoon. The midwit left do not argue, persuade, or accept criticism. Instead they scream, bully, and censor.

The narrative people rightly say that democracy dies in darkness. Yep, they are the ones into censorship. Culprits found.