Jews are the Canary in the Coal Mine

Jews are the Canary in the Coal Mine. By John Hinderaker. There were huge pro-Hamas demonstrations on Saturday in London, Paris, Berlin, etc. In Washington, it even looked like an insurrection:

In all of these countries, authorities reacted nervously. The truth is that, having admitted millions of Muslim immigrants, many of whom turned out to have views antithetical to a liberal democracy, they have no idea what to do, other, perhaps, than to appease the mob. …

But in Hungary:

One country where Islamofascist and leftist mobs did not gather is Hungary. Hungary and its Prime Minister Viktor Orban have often been denounced as anti-Semitic and more or less fascist–the former because Orban doesn’t like fellow Hungarian George Soros, and the latter because Hungary has declined to admit massive numbers of immigrants from Islamic countries.

The result? The Financial Times reports that Jewish life in Budapest is enjoying a renaissance. In what other European capital would anyone dream of saying that? …

Can the left draw the obvious conclusion?

How are the countries that imported millions of Islamic immigrants going to maintain their liberal democratic traditions? I honestly don’t know.

Historically, the American experience has been that immigrants assimilate to our culture. Europeans don’t really have that experience to draw on, and we have done a better job than the Europeans of absorbing Islamic immigrants. But perhaps that is only because we don’t have as many, on a per capita basis.

Whatever else happens, it is obvious that any country that wants to preserve its Western culture and traditions will need to address its immigration policies.

Meanwhile, hecklers taunted a pro-Jewish march in Skokie, Illinois (home to the 3rd largest Jewish community in the USA) with cries of “kill the babies.”

And Melbourne has become ‘the epicentre of antisemitism’ with Jewish locals experiencing a ‘tsunami of hatred’, a community leader says.

The left is fracturing, as the more sensible elements realize they share a party with Nazi tendencies:

Multiple members of the Democratic Party are calling out Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., after she attempted to justify the pro-Palestinian chant, “From the river to the sea,” calling it an “aspirational call for freedom, human rights and peaceful coexistence.”

Scott of the Pacific comments on our interesting times:

The anti Semitism rise is bad here [in the US], not like EU bad, but climbing.

The divide is now clear, the players are all out and exposed which was an unintended consequence of the October 7th attack.

However, we have 10 million illegal entries and 400K / month currently ongoing. More than half of them in the last six months ARE NOT from Latin America.

We have sleeper cells all over the place now in the US (Obama is smiling) and if Israel and Hezbollah / Iran get into it big time, they’ll come out of the woodwork soon enough.

The Liberal Jews are truly terrified and thought this could never happen on our side of the pond. They unleashed the Devil and, of course, the left is best when it eats its own.

The “intersectional left” here is starting to break at the seams. The liberal Jewish donors to the Democrats are terrified and pulling their money out of the Democrat candidates their Alumni donations are evaporating. The LGBTQ crowd is starting to get it that Islam hates them and that Antifa wants them to die.

Biden can’t support Israel to the Liberal Jewish donors much longer as his anti Semitic leftist Rashida Tlaib “base” is threatening to boycott voting for the Dems. They’re in a pickle.

Obama came out today and basically blamed Israel for Hamas’s actions. The left loves him. Obama and Valerie Jared are in Love with the Mullahs and as we have literal Muslim Brothers (lots of them), in high US Govt. positions.

The Jews of course are just the canary in the coal mine. What larger group is next? What “group of “oppressors” has the left been demonizing for several  years now? What group economically out-competes “the oppressed”?

UPDATE: The Nashville Trans Shooter’s Manifesto leaked, and he was targeting whites. Expect suppression and misinformation from the narrative people, who are totally NOT responsible (cough cough). Just given Alex Jones more to work with.

Stephen Crowder:

Is this where we are going? Gotta wonder:

hat-tip Stephen Neil