What Actual Systemic Racism Looks Like

What Actual Systemic Racism Looks Like. By Christopher Skeet.

Not this:

Remember St. George of Fentanylville, the career criminal who once held a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman? He was martyred while resisting arrest for a felony, after having fought his way out of the squad car and requiring four adult male officers to wrestle him to the ground. Whether he died from the weight of the officers or from a drug overdose is open for debate. But what is undebatable is the epilogue. American cities burned and innocents were murdered in response to this supposed revelation of American systemic racism against blacks.

Whatever your opinion of Derek Chauvin, not a single shred of evidence has since emerged to suggest, much less prove, that his actions that day stemmed from bigotry. Nevertheless, the allegation of a systemic racism enmeshed in the very fabric of this country, curable only by a violent dismantling and rebuilding of the entire edifice, was accepted as a priori by the entire Democrat power structure and indeed by many a Republican as well. To even question the assertion was proof of one’s racism. …

But this:

Since early October, the real racists have been out in force. … They’re at our “elite” universities, both among the student body and the faculty. They’re our journalists and our celebrities. They’re in Black Lives Matter and in the Council on American-Islamic Relations. They work for the Department of Homeland Security, and your tax dollars pay their salaries.

Ah, but the targets of this blatant racism are Jews. Mainly white, well educated, middle to upper class Jews. As such, Nancy Pelosi won’t don traditional Jewish garb and take a knee to honor the victims. Neither Megan Rapinoe nor Colin Kaepernick will say anything in their defense. Bud Light won’t be adorning their products with the faces of any brave Jewish trailblazers, and Disney won’t be remaking their cartoons to ensure enough of their non-binary, pansexual misandrist dwarves are Jewish. No yard signs declaring “Jewish rights are human rights” or “No Jew is illegal.” No demands to “say their names.”

The New York Times won’t be printing The 638 Project, referencing when Muslim invaders laid siege to Jerusalem and stole it from the indigenous Jews. Professors who shovel intersectionality theory have zero interest in explaining how history’s most persecuted minority somehow keeps emerging thereafter as its most resilient and successful. And we certainly won’t hear anything from our self-appointed betters about the need to “have the difficult conversations”, or how antisemites need to “examine their privilege”.

If you so much as glanced at an Afghan’s pakol in a way that made him feel unwelcome, you would be immediately canceled, fired, and banished from public life.  … But openly celebrate, and advocate for, the murder of Jews? Or blame them for their own genocide? Rip down flyers of kidnapped Jewish children? Threaten Jewish students who had to barricade themselves in a university library? Nothing to see here, comrades. Keep an eye out for that Islamophobia, though. …

Economic competition is the key. The more competitive groups are the “oppressors,” every time, and the less talented (the “oppressed’) need to gang up and discriminate in order to compete.

The hatred stems from different foundations. Muslims who hate Jews do so because they’re barely-literate cretins who lack the capacity for rational thought beyond lapping up whatever their fire-breathing imams tell them. The Left hates Jews because they are a successful minority and, furthermore, one that overcame not imaginary but actual oppression. Muslims hate Jews because they’re infidels. The Left hates Jews because they’re heretics. …


As someone who isn’t Jewish, all I can do during this time is publicly advocate for their right to exist, as well as physically intervene if I happen to witness them being assaulted or harassed. …

My first piece of advice to Jewish Americans is to recognize who your friends are, and who they aren’t. Polling consistently shows American support for Israel is strongest among conservatives and Christians, and weakest among Democrats and atheists. …

My second piece of advice to Jewish Americans is to embrace self-defense. The university administrations are not going to protect them. Our overflowed septic tank of a federal bureaucracy is indifferent at best. … Concealed carry is a beautiful thing. And if you’re too queasy about firearms, at least enroll in some serious martial arts. Travel in pairs at very least. …

Systemic racism:

Systemic racism is real, it’s here, and it’s evident in broad daylight. It doesn’t even try to hide anymore. It laughs, it jeers, it mocks, and it threatens. It glorifies violence and preaches genocide. And it’s not “white supremacists” against “people of color”.

It’s Leftists and radicalized Muslims against Jews. It’s absolutely despicable that this is where we are in America today, but we have to face reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. Combatting it will require Jews to acknowledge who the real racists are, and it will require their true allies on the Right to unflinchingly have their backs on every street, every workplace, and every campus square.

Update on Gaza: The message seems to be getting through:

History lesson:

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