Great Moments in Multiculturalism: “We Are Nazis, We Are Proud!”

Great Moments in Multiculturalism: “We Are Nazis, We Are Proud!”. By No Pasaran.

It’s a chant by a leader, each line of which is echoed by the members of her (of his?) group. The words are so politically incorrect, and so shocking (not to mention so stupid), that the jaw-dropped girl recording them can’t decide between outrage and laughter.

« Nique les juifs et Nique ta mère,

Vive la Palestine Ouais Ouais,

Nique les juifs et les grands-mères,

On est des nazis On est fiers »


Fuck the Jews and Fuck your ma,

Long live Palestine Yeah Yeah,

Fuck the Jews and the gran[dmother]s,

We are Nazis We are proud

Here they are, singing it on the Paris metro:

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