Unmasking The True Costs of Electric Vehicles

Unmasking The True Costs of Electric Vehicles. By Brent Bennett and Jason Isaac. US stats.

Direct state and federal subsidies for EVs average $8,984 per vehicle over 10 years. …

The cost of producing electric vehicles (EVs) is far higher than the prices they are being sold for. Nearly $22 billion in federal and state subsidies and regulatory credits suppressed the retail price of EVs in 2021 by an average of almost $50,000. …

Home and public charging stations used by EVs put a significant strain on the electric grid, resulting in an average of $11,833 in socialized costs per EV over 10 years, which are shouldered by utility ratepayers and taxpayers.

Now that the cost of fixing and insuring EVs is skyrocketing, and word is spreading of news of incidents like the Luton Airport fire (1,200 cars lost in a car park in a massive fire fueled by exploding batteries). EV sales are collapsing. Unsold inventory is backing up throughout the western world, and production is being curtailed.

Hear the sound of cars exploding. ICE cars don’t do that. Another narrative biting the dust.

Electric cars are great, except for the battery. It’s very hard to beat liquid hydrocarbons for energy density, ease of handling, and controllably (because they need oxygen to burn). That’s why the future of transport for the indefinite future will be liquid hydrocarbons, possibly made from coal or with energy from nukes.

hat-tip Mark Ellis