Has Peak Woke Passed? Hollywood is making fun of it

Has Peak Woke Passed? Hollywood is making fun of it.

In a pleasant change from endless retreads and superhero movies, Hollywood has dared to make something interesting. It’s making fun of woke!

Steven Hayward:

It is also often said that popular culture is a lagging indicator of the real cultural trends taking place unacknowledged by the New York Times. And thus, take in this trailer for American Fiction, a film that will be released in December, and prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor …

Reviewers who have seen advance screenings are describing it as “a cinematic stick of dynamite,” and if this trailer is an accurate representation of the overall tone and message of the film, you can see why. It is unimaginable that anyone would have made this film during the George Floyd summer of “racial reckoning.”

It appears from the trailer that the filmmakers decided to expose the condescension of white liberals that, as we reported here back in 2018, leads liberal whites to dumb themselves down when they talk to blacks because liberal whites are in fact the most racist people in America. This movie looks to peel the hide off of New York fiction publishers whose young woke editors today often reject fiction manuscripts simply because they were written by white males. …

Takeaway line from the trailer: “The dumber I behave the richer I get.”

Elon Musk:

The great wakening from woke has happened. This is good for civilization.