The Left is Freaking Out Because Its Favorite Victims Suddenly Became Human Butchers

The Left is Freaking Out Because Its Favorite Victims Suddenly Became Human Butchers. By David Suissa.

What do you do when a cause you deeply cherish betrays you?

What do you do when you spend a lifetime fighting for the Palestinian cause, and then, overnight, it becomes associated with the butchering, beheading, raping and mutilating of 1400 people, including infants, babies, women, rave dancers, families and the elderly?

How do you spin that?

You might try to deny and downplay, but with all the graphic and gruesome videos out there, that’s not easy. And as much as you’d love to erase the word Palestinian next to the word Hamas, you know the connection is a fact.

No, the only real option is to make so much noise that you drown out the horrible news about the mass murder of Jews.

That’s why immediately after October 7, we saw global protests against Israel and in support of Palestinians.

This was before Israel launched its counterattacks. And naturally, when Israel did go after Hamas, the attacks against Jews have only accelerated. On streets around the world and across college campuses, Jew haters are now out in full force. The slaughtering of 1400 Jews is all but forgotten; now it’s all about Israel’s reaction to the massacres. …

The world’s most popular victims, after all, cannot be allowed to be butchers. …

Support for Gaza is driven by anti-semitism:

Have you noticed that we rarely hear about those millions of other Palestinians who live in much worse conditions in Jordan and Lebanon? Why should we? There are no Jews involved.

For half a century, Palestinians have managed to charm the global elite with the seductive narrative of glorious, helpless victimhood. In a world that worships the oppressed, especially when they’re not white or western, Palestinians became the forever oppressed. …

The left’s lying script was flipped:

October 7 introduced 1400 complications.

Suddenly, for one gruesome day, Jews were the oppressed and Palestinians were the oppressors. This was no garden variety Palestinian attack where a few Jews get killed, or a few hundred Hamas rockets are neutralized by Iron Dome and bomb shelters. We’ve gotten used to those. No, this was the mass slaughter of Jews by Palestinians in the most barbaric way possible. This was evil in concentrated form. …

Will western Jews finally abandon the left?

October 7 has become the biggest wake-up call in modern Jewish history because the level of horror reached unimaginable proportions….

That’s why I’ve seen Jews from the left who usually instinctively take the Palestinian side go eerily quiet. Like many of us, they’re numb. They’re dizzy. They’re disgusted. As a friend says, it’s Jewish primordial rage. …

The left gets back to its preferred narrative:

October 7 was so horrific it threatened to ambush the Palestinian cause itself. … Because the savagery was done in the name of Palestinians, they saw the danger that their cherished cause could be forever contaminated.

So what did they do to save the world’s most popular victims? They did what people have done for centuries: They changed the subject and blamed the Jews. That always works.

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