Why are our universities so awful now?

Why are our universities so awful now? By John Hinderaker.

Harvard, like most other academic institutions, became obsessed with two demographics: international students and students of color. The last people Harvard was interested in were white Americans, the least likely group to be anti-Semitic.

Harvard, like most other universities, admitted large numbers of international students, including from the Islamic world. They set up centers for these students, as well as degree programs and similar types of centers for the various categories of “BIPOC” students. These programs and centers became hotbeds of radicalism and grievance. The universities sacrificed not only their prior meritocratic standards, but also their commitment to liberal principles, on the altar of diversity.

So if you look at pictures of a pro-genocide rally at Harvard or any other school, what do you see? Mostly, a lot of Middle Eastern students and far-left minorities. Did Harvard seriously not understand that Jew-hatred is rampant among these student groups and is fostered by the programs and institutions that purport to serve them? Or did it just not care?

Harvard has trashed its reputation for excellence by lowering its standards. (But boy did they make a lot of money.) The rest of the universities in the western world have been copying Harvard.