Axis of Woke Misreports Middle East Conflict

Axis of Woke Misreports Middle East Conflict. By Chris Mitchell.

Too many reporters quick to swallow Hamas lies now see their role as upholding moral virtue rather than reporting facts. Trouble is, they are too ill-informed to know where virtue lies.

Why has no Australian journalist since the hospital story mentioned that Hamas has a long history of attacking the Barzilai Hospital in the Israeli city of Ashkelon and has destroyed the children’s ward that treats Palestinian children from Gaza alongside Israeli children? …

Why do so many journalists unquestioningly report Gaza casualty figures given by Hamas without acknowledging what US President Joe Biden did last week: these are numbers from a terrorist organisation? We know Hamas claimed 500 were killed at the Al-Ahli Hospital but Israel insists at most 50 died.

Patricia Karvelas on RN Breakfast on Friday allowed Minister for Workplace Relations Tony Burke to imply Israel was to blame for water shortages in Gaza. She failed to point to the large Hamas fuel stockpile in Gaza that could fuel the city’s desalination plants. Hamas is the elected government of Gaza, not Israel.

Why have we seen so few attempts by journalists here to ask protesting Muslims if they condemn the murders of October 7? Do these journalists privately believe Israel deserved it, even though Israel vacated Gaza in 2005? …

Why do so many news broadcasters run footage of pro-Palestinian marchers around the world chanting “from the river to the sea’’ without pointing out what this means? … The pro-Palestinian chant effectively urges the destruction of Israel. …

Why have so few media outlets reported what Sharri Markson did on Sky News on Tuesday night last week when Hamas terrorists captured by the IDF admitted on camera that they were being paid $US10,000 each and each had been promised a free apartment for taking hostages? Does ignoring such a story imply journalists think paid brutality is OK if used against Jews?

And how does the left’s preferred narrative of Israel as an apartheid colonial state really sit given Arabs, Druze and Christians all vote alongside Jews in the Knesset?

Why only report talk of Israeli “war crimes,” when taking hostages and hiding behind human shields are both war crimes?

A clear case of systemic misinformation.