Axis of Woke Media: the Voice

Axis of Woke Media: the Voice. By Michael Bourne.

Viewers of the ABC and readers of the Guardian and the SMH are shown, in a voting intentions survey, overwhelmingly to be Yes voters with the focus on their prime markets — the Teal and inner-city seats. …

The survey, taken before voting day (so may understate the extent of final support for No) showed that 75 per cent of Guardian readers would vote Yes as would 63 per cent of ABC online, 59 per cent of SMH readers and 53 per cent of SBS-TV viewers. …

Despite the corporate push for Yes, readers of the SMH stablemate the Australian Financial Review voted 56 per cent No.

There is a striking contrast between the rest of the mainstream media that accurately reflected the nation’s mood and these left-leaning outlets that, like the Yes-voting Canberra, were totally out of touch with the real Australia.

For example, free-to-air TV, radio and the major daily print newspapers, none of whom sang along with Albo’s Voice, saw more than two-thirds of their readers and listeners listed as being No voters — with Sky News topping the pops with its viewers voting 5-1 against the Voice.

All those inner city victims of systemic misinformation. Sad.

Reminds me of this: