A generation lost in hatred and historical illiteracy

A generation lost in hatred and historical illiteracy. By Gemma Tognini.

The generation who couldn’t wait to take the knee over the death of George Floyd, who use phrases such as micro-aggression (and expect to be taken seriously), who think a person who isn’t Asian wearing a cheongsam is an act of violent cultural appropriation. The generation whose response to the slaughter of 1400 people, many their own age, is to say “Free Palestine”. …

I was sent two emails an Australian university sent its student body after the terror attacks. I won’t name the college, but the first email was an initial pro-Hamas response to the slaughter. The follow-up? A sheepish “look, we’re sorry if we forgot to mention our Jewish students may have found that insensitive”.


Hamas’s deputy foreign minister, Ghazi Hamad, in an interview with the BBC, claimed that Hamas had no intention of killing civilians when it invaded Israel. But he couldn’t cope with the next question, and walked out. Even he cannot justify the slaughter.


University students around the world have been filmed ripping down posters of the Israeli hostages. They’re holding protests and talking about war crimes, while refusing to demand the release of the hundreds of hostages still being held in Gaza. Children, the elderly, again, young people their own age. Heads up, kids. Taking hostages is very much a war crime under international law.

And universities that champion free speech can’t seem to identify hate speech. Seemingly indifferent to calls for the eradication of the state of Israel and Jews; vile, hateful things being said every week. …

This is the soft generation. Their grandparents fought type 2 diabetes, not Nazism. It was reported that (perhaps unsurprisingly) the University of Sydney Student Representative Council urged students to “stand against oppression … until Palestine is free”. Let me tell you one thing I’m willing to bet on. Not one of them would volunteer to go help the cause. Not one of them would give up their Uber eats, days at the pub and total freedom to go live in a place where being gay is an offence punishable by death, fewer than 20 per cent of women are allowed to work and more than 20 per cent of women are married under the age of 17.

Good luck wearing a bikini or your active wear in downtown Gaza. When I was in Israel a few short months ago, it was Pride week. Tel Aviv was alive, vibrant, and truly diverse. Guess how many Pride weeks take place in Gaza and the West Bank? As the cool kids say, I’ll wait. …

This conflict in the Middle East, this visceral, existential attack on Israel, and on Jewish people the world over, seems to have ripped something open to reveal an ideological hatred that I don’t understand. It’s a good impetus to raise the voting age, to be honest.

If your response to the fact that the Arab states are refusing to take refugees, that Egypt won’t open its northern border for the same reason, is “Israel’s committing genocide”, then sorry, you’re not intellectually agile enough to be in the conversation.

If it was anyone but Jews:

If it were 1400 young people barbarically slaughtered anywhere else in the world, if it were any other ethnic cohort, these same junior cowards, and the universities they attend, would be condemning the act and the actors. …

A lost generation. Lost to self-obsession. Lost to a shameful academic trend that seeks to erase and reframe, rather than learn from history.

Maybe the Israelis should halt all aid to Gaza until Hamas frees the hostages?

Woke: Midwits gain power by their numbers, by cancelling and censoring, by ostracizing and bullying. Recall that universities lowered their standards to accommodate their large numbers, and that the average IQ in the West drops by about a point a decade (in the underlying genetic component, after taking out the fluctuation due to the Flynn effect — which was merely due to improved test taking as the education system taught people to take tests better).