Liberal Party Lefties Won’t Let Conservatives Play

Liberal Party Lefties Won’t Let Conservatives Play. By David Archibald.

I can speak from personal experience. Some years ago I was one of the six candidates for Liberal Party preselection for the Senate in Western Australia. I knew I wouldn’t get one of the three winnable slots, but it would be good to campaign and I looked forward to doing my bit for the country. But a bloke by the name of Troy Pickard argued from the floor of the meeting that I was a global warming denier and this might impact the Liberal Party vote on the east coast. A vote was taken and I was kicked off the ticket. Lefties have learnt to deplatform conservatives at any opportunity. …

Another Liberal to get the treatment is a former Liberal member of Victoria’s Legislative Council, Moira Deeming. Former in that she was expelled from the Liberal Party in May this year at the instigation of the Liberal leader John Pesutto. With all the tranny men using women’s bathrooms, Moira had attended a rally in favour of stopping that sort of thing from happening. A group of pudgy blokes wearing black clothes and face masks also attended the rally and gave a Nazi salute. That was Pesutto’s excuse to frame her as a nutjob.

And to this day, pudgy, masked blokes cosplaying as Nazis ride the trains in Melbourne, no doubt paid to do so:

If there ever is a ban on making the Nazi salute in Australia, the people most inconvenienced will be leftie Liberal Party powerbrokers. They will have to think of a new way to smear conservatives.

In the US they do a more professional job of pretending to be the reincarnation of the Sturmabteilung:

With matching uniforms and ironed pants, that is what a leftie thinks a Brown Shirt should look like. But when unmasked, some of these men proved to be members of Antifa, supposedly ideological opposites of Patriot Front, and hired by the FBI …

The outfit that had most to do with stopping the Voice is a mob called Advance Australia. The Liberal Party was initially indifferent but swung to the no side when it became obvious that the Australian people had already decided on no. And a good part of that decision would have been to stop Advance Australia filling the giant vacuum on the conservative side of politics in Australia.

After the Disinformation Act there will be an attempt to bring in a digital currency in Australia. The purpose of this act will be to allow the Government to vacuum money out of people’s bank accounts on some pretext. There is a video online in which a World Economic Forum functionary is praising Scott Morrison for laying the legislative groundwork for introducing a digital currency, just as John Howard laid the groundwork for the carbon tax by legislating the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act of 2007, the auditing basis for that tax. The reporting requirements for that act have just been increased.

Which means that there is an easy test of whether or not someone is conservative. If there is no record of them saying, in writing, that the NGER should be repealed, then they serve the forces of darkness. Three days after the Liberals won the 2013 election on the platform of repealing the carbon tax, Greg Hunt talked Tony Abbott into not repealing the NGER. It is that important. The efforts of an army of accountants is wasted in complying with the requirements of the NGER. It is an unnecessary burden on Australian businesses, when we might be heading into a war with China. …

A word of advice to whoever eventually does replace the Liberal Party. You need to positively vet every person who wants to join to preclude leftie tendencies. Use truth serum if necessary.