Racializing Western Society Against Whites.

Racializing Western Society Against Whites. By Adam Creighton.

In August, two teenagers in Las Vegas took a stolen car for a joy ride and deliberately ploughed into a 64-year-old male cyclist, who was out for his morning exercise. One of them filmed the hideous episode on his phone. “Yeah, hit his arse,” the passenger told his friend, leaving the father of two children to die on the side of the road.

The video went viral on social media, but the mainstream media showed little interest, at least in comparison, say, to the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in 2020, which was not first-degree murder. But the first story clearly didn’t fit “the narrative”. The two teens were black Americans, and the cyclist, a retired police officer, was white. In April, Reuters slapped a picture of a grieving white family on a story about black teenagers who had murdered other black teenagers, in a particularly brazen example of this standard. …

The awful stats on the anti-white propaganda:

There’s now a ratio of 21 news mentions of black victims of police force for every one article covering a white victim, up from nine before George Floyd was killed,” says Zach Goldberg, an analyst at the Manhattan Institute, who has studied specifically coverage of crime involving police.

“Around 2012 we see a significant and unprecedented increase in the racialisation of news coverage,” Goldberg tells me in an interview.

One of his colleagues at Manhattan, Charles Lehman, who uses a similar analytical technique, found prestige US newspapers were “three to four times more likely” to mention the race of an offender if he was white. Where they do bother to mention the race of a black offender at all, they “come overwhelmingly toward the end of the piece”. …

Reality is entirely different:

In 2020, according to Associated Press, 38 per cent of major city police chiefs were black Americans — about three times the black share of the US population — making a mockery of the idea of systematic anti-black bias in the police force.

Yet in no way do these statistics support the narrative the media tries to push.

And the desire to divide society into warring groups isn’t limited to race. “Hate crimes”, those allegedly committed because of the victim’s race, sex or sexual orientation, are apparently soaring, if you skim the media.

Yet they are a minuscule and virtually unchanged share of US violent crime: 0.4 per cent of the 1.3 million “aggregate estimated violent crime volume” for 2021, according to FBI crime data. …

Woke lies:

Perhaps most journalists use violent crime to push the idea of “systemic racism”, whose existence has unfortunately become a core tenet of so-called progressive thinking, and the justification used to support the growing army of jobs in government and big corporations.