When will these special people get the hint?

When will these special people get the hint? By Alex Antic.

It is hard to imagine how the proponents of the ‘Yes’ campaign could have got it so wrong. That is unless you understand the psyche of these people.

They start their daily routine with the ABC’s morning RN broadcast, followed by a perusal of the Guardian over breakfast. They have a quick poke through their Twitter feed, followed by a chat with their ‘progressive’ workmates around the watercooler, and finish with an evening of Q & A before bed. The echo chamber lifestyle is unrivalled. Their assumption is that everyone is as ‘virtuous’ and ‘enlightened’ as they are and as a result, this referendum could never have failed.

The weekend’s referendum results were, however, as pleasing as any I have experienced in my political life. …

The ‘Yes’ campaign was nothing more than an indulgent guilt trip complete with name-calling, finger-wagging, and even tears (mostly from our Prime Minister). The ‘Yes’ narrative lacked coherent arguments but excelled in emotional blackmail. …

When I was out in the community during the referendum, the overwhelming impression was that people didn’t know what the Voice was because they hadn’t been told. All they were told was that it was racist to vote ‘No’. They viewed the Voice as a massive indulgence in identity politics.

In both the 1967 and 2023 referenda, Australians voted to treat everybody the same regardless of race: