Pfizer May Go Bankrupt, Financial Markets Realize

Pfizer May Go Bankrupt: Fraud Voids Indemnities. By Igor Chudov.

Pfizer’s stock price is now 25% less than it was five years ago, before covid:

What possibility is the market pricing in? Pfizer is protected from lawsuits over its vaccines by extensive legal indemnities signed by governments. Or is it? Those indemnities are null and void in the case of fraud. And the market is realizing that Pfizer promoted its vaccines fraudulently.

I am far from the first person suggesting that Pfizer, which aggressively marketed its COVID vaccines and underwrote a worldwide influence operation to mandate its product, may face ruinous liabilities.

Ed Dowd, a former asset manager, was one of the first people to realize that. He explained that legal protection granted to Pfizer by the PREP act will cease to protect it if significant fraud on the part of Pfizer is discovered. …

Modus operandi:

Let us compare Pfizer, an aggressive entrant into the vaccine business, to GSK, an established and more careful player. GSK refused to play the COVID vaccine game. They realized that nothing good could come out in the long run. GSK declined to expose themselves to the potential liability of endangering millions with a vaccine that was extremely unlikely even to work.

The maternal RSV vaccine story further highlights how reckless Pfizer is.

The NIH gave the blueprint for the RSV vaccine to both Pfizer and GSK. Both companies tested essentially the same product. Clinical trials revealed that giving the RSV vaccine to pregnant women increased premature births and infant mortality.

GSK, the established and conservative vaccine company, wisely heeded the alarm signal and abandoned the maternal RSV vaccine development. Instead of honestly terminating the program, Pfizer purposely selected small vaccine and placebo groups to make the premature birth signal statistically insignificant and lobbied the corrupt FDA to approve its vaccine. …

Precedent — Purdue Pharma:

The following are similarities between Pfizer and Purdue Pharma:

  • Reckless disregard for the dangers to recipients of their products. Pfizer abandoned any semblance of care for Covid vaccine safety. Pfizer tested their recent vaccines on several mice only — just one example.
  • Corporate greed is exemplified by risky decisions to chase billions in immediate profits at the risk of bankruptcy in the long run.
  • Buying off the press and regulators to corruptly obtain support for their products.
  • Hiding deaths and adverse effects from the public.

Purdue Pharma was able to play its game for years. Finally, the deaths were too many, and the lawsuits took it down.

If the stock price of Pfizer is any guide, the capital markets now see that the same may eventually happen to it. …

Google and Facebook also liable?

A year ago, I wrote a post explaining that Google and Facebook can also be liable to Covid vaccine victims because they intentionally conspired to hide the dangers of COVID vaccines from the public.

These internet giants, which profited mightily from the pandemic, are bigger fish than Pfizer: each victim could receive up to $15,000 in value if Google and Facebook are found liable.

UPDATE: Pfizer Hit With $35.6 Million Lawsuit Related To Vaccine Death of One Boy