The Curious Case of the Hospital That Didn’t Blow Up

The Curious Case of the Hospital That Didn’t Blow Up. By Jim Treacher.

As it turns out, the people who behead babies and lie about it will also lie about other stuff.

Yesterday we got the news that Israel blew up a hospital in Gaza and killed 500 people.

However, there were a few minor, nitpicky problems with the story: 1) The hospital wasn’t blown up, 2) Nowhere near 500 people were killed, and 3) Israel had nothing to do with it.

From Spin, strangeness, and charm:

UPDATE: IDF shows drone footage , says absence of a crater proves it wasn’t an IDF missile or bomb

UPDATE 2: IDF has eavesdropped audio recordings proving that HamAss and IJ _realized_ it was a misfired IJ rocket, and deciding to engage on a media blitz to blame Israel.

UPDATE 3: Biden, meeting with Netanyahu, appears to accept IDF explanation for the hospital deaths and blames “the other team”.

The rockets hit the parking lot, and satellite imagery shows the hospital undamaged by the rocket. Yes, there were broken solar panels, but satellite imagery shows they were already broken.

Awesome propaganda job, mainstream media and Hamas! Another bucket of lies swallowed by the public.