Insurrection at the US Capitol, by Pro-Palestinian protestors

Insurrection at the US Capitol, by Pro-Palestinian protestors.

Glenn Reynolds:

Don’t be silly, it’s only an insurrection if you’re protesting on behalf of Americans.

Tyler Durden:

The far-left pro-Palestinian protests continue in the US with activists now occupying the Capitol …

As with most leftist efforts, the first goal is a narrative shift in which the people who triggered the conflict are painted as victims. The Hamas soldiers who launched terrorist attacks killing thousands of civilians in Israel are dismissed down the memory hole, and now the focus is only on Palestinian tragedy.

The most logical decision is for America to stay out of the conflict completely. However, rabid involvement by leftists on the side of Hamas may actually push a majority of Americans to throw full support behind Israel simply because any cause backed by woke organizations is a cause worth obstructing. The public will ask themselves: “When have these people ever been right?”

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They hope you will forget that Hamas still holds around 200 people, including babies, children, women, and the elderly, hostage.

They have never reported, except in Israeli media, that 300,000 Israelis living near the conflict zones in Gaza and south Lebanon have been displaced and are living in temporary locations all over Israel.

If the criminals in Hamas gave themselves up to Israel, and allowed their war-making facilities to be destroyed, the war would end immediately and the other Gazans could live in peace. Pigs fly.