Congratulations Australia. You made the right call.

Congratulations Australia. You made the right call. By Rowan Dean at Spectator Australia.

This magazine, alone among the mainstream media, campaigned loudly and consistently against the Voice to Parliament from day one. As we said repeatedly, the ‘Yes’ campaign was one of stealth and deception.

Anthony Albanese now stands condemned as a deceitful and lazy Prime Minister with a near-hopeless collection of ministers. They have wasted 18 months of Australians’ precious time and hundreds of millions of our tax dollars on this self-indulgent, divisive, and futile vanity project.

They have torn families apart. They have torn workplaces apart. They have sown hatred and division across the nation unlike anything Australia has seen in decades.

This prime ministership is an utter failure.

Mr Albanese should resign today and call an immediate election. He and his colleagues are clearly completely out of touch with mainstream Australia.

They have wreaked havoc upon this nation with their hubris and their arrogance at a time of soaring economic hardship. The Prime Minister couldn’t even be bothered to read the details of what he wanted to inflict upon us and then had the gall in his speech conceding defeat to sneer at those of us who demanded the details of the 26 pages of the Uluru Statement from the Heart in full.

At least Gough was talented.