Australia overwhelmingly votes for No Segregation

Australia overwhelmingly votes for No Segregation. By Joanne Nova.

Despite spending millions to tell Australians that Good People Vote Yes, Australians overwhelmingly voted No to treating people differently according to their skin color, their heritage, or something their ancestors did.

They voted no to giving a new group of bureaucrats power to slow down, interfere or hold to ransom any laws passed through the Australian Parliament. And in a sense they voted No to shallow relentless, vague advertising too.

Spontaneous No signs were seen in nearly every state of Australia in 110km zones:

The main benefit of the $365 million dollars the referendum cost is that now a lot of Australians feel more confident talking about race, while a lot of others found out that that calling people “racist” doesn’t persuade them. That may not have been what those in charge were aiming for. …

The Voice truly was a tool of the Bankers, the Bureaucrat-class and Big Business, and Australians saw through it.

We dodged a bullet. The Voice would have been a fourth arm of government, perpetually under the control of elite-appointed activists and able to veto just about anything. And racist to boot, which makes it immoral.

Three districts voted strongly “Yes”: Teal electorates, Canberra, and inner Sydney and Melbourne. All had one thing in common: No risk that their livelihoods or amenity would be adversely affected. A power shift to bigger government and more power to their anti-democratic rule via a token aboriginal “Voice.” Like they kept saying, there are no downsides, there is nothing to lose — for them.