Aussie ‘deplorables’ have struck a blow against identity politics

Aussie ‘deplorables’ have struck a blow against identity politics. By Fraser Myers in the UK.

In voting No, Australians have done more than just reject the Voice to Parliament initiative. They have also reaffirmed some crucial democratic principles. …

It was abundantly clear that giving indigenous people a special constitutional body would have meant dividing Australians on the basis of race. It would have undermined the principle of one person, one vote. It would have made a mockery of the idea that all citizens are equal.

It is to the Australian people’s immense credit that they have rejected the divisive, anti-democratic Voice. Not least given the amount of pressure they came under to vote Yes from their supposed betters. The political, cultural and business elites gave their near-unanimous backing to the Voice. The major banks, the mining giants, the national airline and national public broadcaster all threw their weight behind the Yes campaign. Big Tech also put its thumbs on the scale, removing No videos on the spurious grounds that they were spreading ‘misinformation’, which is usually just code for arguments the establishment disagrees with.

The rejection of the Voice really is Australia’s Brexit or Trump moment. As in Britain and America in 2016, the Aussie masses have rejected the stern instructions handed down from the establishment and made up their own minds instead.

To vote Yes was to be on the ‘right side of history’, Aussies were told. Whereas those planning to vote No were pilloried as either racist, ignorant or both. ‘While it is not true to say that every Australian who votes No in the Voice referendum is a racist, you can bet your bottom dollar that every racist will vote No’, one prominent journalist memorably said earlier this year. Another Yes leader, academic and activist Marcia Langton, denounced the No campaign as ‘racist and stupid’. ‘If you’re a dinosaur or a dickhead who can’t be bothered reading, vote No’, said TV personality Ray Martin at a Yes rally attended by the prime minister, just 10 days before the referendum.

A solid rebuke to Australia’s ruling elite, and their power grab for more anti-democratic control to be exerted by their appointees to the Voice. And race-based no less! How immoral.

Next, how about a plebiscite on immigration levels?