People in the civilized world have had it

People in the civilized world have had it. By Don Surber.

All the talk about intersectionality, diversity, equity and inclusiveness really mean torturing and killing white people. The actions by Hamas — Palestine’s other name — finally showed the world what their true goal is and what their methods are.

The left used to say by any means necessary. The terrorists say by the worst means possible. That is what terrorists do: they attack innocents in horrific fashion to terrorize people into submission. …

Israelis are uniting behind Netanyahu like never before because they know they either win this war or die. … This is not the reaction the Gaza City Bombers expected. They thought they were dividing and demoralizing Israel with their ruthless attack. The opposite occurred. …

Their usual manipulations:

The Palestinian script was familiar. They attack, Israel stops them, they roll out fake footage of Israeli response and gain sympathy, demand a cease fire and get what they want. Propaganda blooms like dandelions in the spring.

There was the father who carried his “dead daughter” across the rubble in Gaza. After that video was shot and posted on Twitter, she miraculously recovered and she began taking off her gray death makeup.

Enough already:

But the Pallywood propaganda did not work this time because people in the civilized world have had it — even in Massachusetts. …

At a pro-Israel rally, Democrat Sen. Ed Markey calls for ‘de-escalation,’ even amid the unspeakable crimes committed against innocent Israelis by Hamas terrorists. The crowd immediately starts booing him. …

The left antisemitic? Like AH, also a socialist? Shocked, I tell you:

CNN’s Jake Tapper said on the air, “These last few days have been a real eye-opening period for a lot of people — a lot of Democrats, a lot of progressives — in terms of antisemitism on the left.”

Bari Weiss explained the reaction to Palestinian terrorism. She said on MSNBC, “The Nazis tried to hide their war crimes. Hamas is livestreaming theirs.”

Media hiding:

The anti-Semitic left is hiding in a cone of silence.

Breitbart reported, “None of the ten most-followed celebrity Instagram accounts has shown support for Israel in the four days following Hamas’ bloody attacks on Jewish people that have so far claimed more than 1,100 Israeli lives.

“At the same time, many of these same stars publicly voiced their support for Black Lives Matter in the recent past.


Ah yes, the Black Liberation Movement — that is what BLM really is — used a picture of a paraglider to show its support of Palestinians raping women.

 I have news for BLM. The terrorists will keep the BLM alive long enough to bury the bodies of the others before forcing BLM to dig their own mass grave. …

Oh no! Rumbled:

Palestinians in Gaza — who overwhelmingly support Hamas and its rival Hezbollah — have buyer’s remorse over raping women and beheading babies.

Sheren Falah Saab reported in Haaretz, “‘At First We Were Ecstatic’: Gazans Respond to Hamas Attack, Calling It a Historic Day.

“Surprised by the abductions, Gazans quickly realized that the number of fatalities and hostages in Israel would lead to a very severe retaliation. ‘It will be a collective punishment’ Gaza resident said.”

There is nothing collective about this punishment. There are no innocents in Gaza. That unnamed Gaza resident and her 2.3 million neighbors have been chanting “Death to Israel” for five decades. This weekend the message finally got through to Israelis and the civilized world that the Palestinians mean exactly what they say.

Ed Morrissey wrote, “They want Jerusalem back, and Israel pushed back to its 1948 borders — as a start. Their real mission is clear from the Palestinian protest chant From the river to the sea — the eradication of Israel entirely.

Backtracking and evasion on an industrial scale now, for the white western audience.

Nice to see the left given some of their own treatment: