Sexual Violence by Hamas Has A Barbaric Purpose

Sexual Violence by Hamas Has A Barbaric Purpose. By Chris Bray.

Hamas is dirtying the memory of the Jewish spaces bordering on the Gaza Strip. They’re marking southern Israel in the memory of future families, and especially women of childbearing age, with the deliberately cultivated images of murdered children and the mass rape of young women, so that young women regard the place with dread and don’t return to have children there. They’re making a dead zone, and they intend to make a dead zone.

Mass rape by armies is not a mystery; it has been studied carefully.

Group X, as a group and deliberately, rapes women from Group Y in Neighborhood Z so women from Group Y never feel that they can safely return to Neighborhood Z, in a tribal memory passed down to later generations. Now the space belongs to Group X.

Hamas is making sites of trauma. To empty them, and to keep them empty.

Their military objective is to use the witnessed mass rape of women, the documented hunting and torture of families, and the videotaped murder of children in front of their parents to keep Jews out of southern Israel in the future. Their military target is site-specific Jewish fertility.

Why are we seeing footage of all of this? Why is Hamas taking great care to shoot video of women screaming in terror, of terrorists going on door-to-door killing operations in residential neighborhoods, and of cringing families on the living room floor watching their children die? Why did they take a woman with bound hands and bloodsoaked pants out of a trunk and move her to the back seat of the same car, in front of a camera?

The video is the purpose. Its message is the military operation.

Forty babies and children murdered and beheaded by Hamas terrorists in Israeli kibbutz Kfar Aza. By Jacquelin Magnay.

The brutal sights of beheaded young children were so disturbing, soldiers who were tasked with dismantling booby traps and recovering the bodies — after having secured the area — were seen crying and comforting each other.

The atrocities from Kfar Aza, as well as Kibbutz Be’eri and Kibbutz Re’em shows that the Hamas militants were intent on brutalising their mass murder spree, to leave a deep psychological imprint on those left behind.

In one harrowing image from Kfar Aza a baby cot, with a small dress on the top, is drenched in blood. i24News correspondent Nicole Zedek said soldiers had told her many babies were found next to their cots with their heads cut off.

Her colleague Maël Benoliel, also at Kfar Aza said: “We’re talking about burned houses with entire families killed inside, women and children whose heads have been cut off. It’s the apocalypse”.

How many Jewish children are going to born at that kibbutz in the next few decades?

hat-tip Stephen Neil