Colonization: Killers in Our Midst

Colonization: Killers in Our Midst. By Stephen Green.

According to the most up-to-date progressive thinking, it isn’t antisemitism to chant “Death to Israel.” All that chant really means is that the time has come for European colonizers (who just happen to be Jewish, you see) to leave Palestine. Peacefully, of course, except when terrorists force Jews to depart in body bags. Which is totally their fault.

But what is there to say when the chant evolves — as it must — from “Death to Israel” to “Gas the Jews, f*** the Jews?”

What is there for the progressive left to say when we remind them that Israel (literally) decolonized the Gaza Strip in 2005, and all they got in return was nearly two decades of rocket attacks and last weekend’s spree of murder, rape, and kidnapping of civilians? …

This was the scene in New York City, home to a sizable fraction of America’s Jewish population. …

“By any means necessary” is a line that could have been jotted down in the minutes of the Wannsee Conference [on January 20, 1942, a group of Nazi leaders met to coordinate a continent-wide genocide]. …

Dār al-Islam — places where Islam rules — includes parts of Western cities like Sydney, Berlin, Amsterdam, Minneapolis, and too many others to list. Canada… Canada seems some days like it’s just too far gone.

Then there’s the deathly silence from certain quarters.

“Several international women’s rights organizations have remained silent as terrorists killed and sexually assaulted numerous Israeli women in an attack over the weekend,” the Daily Caller reported on Monday.

Choose sides carefully. I see the Labor Government of NSW is today apologizing for allowing the barbarian march on the Sydney Opera House, and is banning another march by the Palestine Action Group Sydney next Sunday.