At a celebration of slaughter, Australian Labor looks the other way

At a celebration of slaughter, Australian Labor looks the other way. By Sharri Markson.

Not shutting down a divisive, anti-Semitic protest at a national landmark to appease a group of hate-filled people — for the promise of a few votes — shows Labor has lost its moral compass.

[On Monday evening] the NSW government allowed the barbarians who had murdered entire families in Israel to be celebrated on the steps of the Sydney Opera House.

Fuelled by anti-Semitism, the protest was vile in its hatred and shocking for all Australians – regardless of faith or ethnicity – to watch. It was clearly hate speech: unlawful behaviour that drives a terrifying wedge between Australians when we’re supposedly embracing inclusivity.

For a Jewish Australian walking down the street, there’s now a discernible feeling of fear and worry. Should we take our children to school, having just seen these people — our fellow citizens — chant “Kill the Jews” and “Gas the Jews” on the streets we love? These are the questions I am now seriously asking myself in the city in which I was born and raised, and where I have always felt safe.

In allowing this hateful, divisive, anti-Semitic protest to go ahead, the NSW Labor government, the police and the Greens are fostering an atmosphere of fear and distrust in our beautiful, peaceful country.

Our national image:

The images beamed around the world on Monday evening were supposed to be of a national landmark – the Opera House – lit up in blue and white lights in solidarity with Israelis and those of the Jewish faith across the world. It was a heartwarming gesture. Instead, what we witnessed was a shambles as the Minns government allowed an ugly protest to be conducted on the steps of that landmark.

The NSW government allowed Australians (as many of these protesters were) to use a national symbol to project images of hate, without any action or intervention from police. Make no mistake, those images of Sydney, beamed around the world, will provide a moral ballast to the terrorists who are murdering young families.

Instead of taking action to rein in the protest, the NSW government acted in a cowardly way; it was despicable and corrosive. It essentially surrendered the Opera House to those who openly celebrate terrorism.

This is what appeasement looks like. …

The only known arrest on Monday evening was of a Jewish man, waving an Israeli flag, who was handcuffed for his own safety. …

Not just here:

All around the world, Jews are in hiding while pro-Palestinian protesters take to the streets. In New York, Toronto, even outside the White House, chants of “Allahu Akbar” celebrate the deaths of hundreds and the kidnapping of at least 160 innocent Israelis.

I don’t recall ever getting a vote on immigration.

At least we get a vote on Aboriginal policy every 50 years or so (in 1967, now in 2023).