Foreseen consequences: Biden’s $6 Billion Ransom to Iran

Foreseen consequences: Biden’s $6 Billion Ransom to Iran. By The Wall Street Journal almost a month ago.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday informed Congress he had signed a waiver releasing $6 billion in frozen Iranian oil revenues as part of a deal to bring home five Americans imprisoned in Iran. In return, the U.S. will release five Iranians held here. It’s a hard deal to accept, all the more so when the Biden Administration chose the anniversary of 9/11 to announce it. …

What stands out in this deal is the $6 billion ransom. Though Mr. Blinken says it “will be available only for humanitarian trade” like food and medicine, the reality is that the waiver now frees up funds for Iran’s nuclear program, terrorism and proxy wars. …

The worst result is that this ransom will encourage more hostage-taking. Iran has profited from grabbing these Americans, and the U.S. has given other nations no reason to fear doing the same.

Money is fungible. Duh.

Bonus: A sombre but realistic assessment.

  • Coexistence with Hamas no longer seems possible.
  • Deterrence failed.
  • Static defenses (e.g. walls, missile defenses) didn’t work.

Religious fanatics seek only Israel’s annihilation, doing their God’s work.

Ouch. The great Mark Steyn goes off.

hat-tip Stephen Harper