‘Everyone Feels at Risk’ — Sweden’s Failed Multiculturism

‘Everyone Feels at Risk’ — Sweden’s Failed Multiculturism. By Kurt Zindulka.

The scale of the gang wars in Sweden has grown to such an extent establishment media has seemingly begun to realise multiculturalism has ravaged the country. …

“The upswell of violence has been so intense, widespread and chaotically executed — inexperienced teenage boys are often recruited to carry out the attacks — that there is a growing sense here that no one is safe from it,” [Charlie Duxbury of the neo-liberal POLITICO] said of his adopted country. …

The Times of London was more blunt in its assessment last week, noting that the gunmen fighting for the rival factions are “typically first or second-generation immigrants who often grow up in the crime-ridden suburbs of Sweden’s larger cities, with little sense of having a stake in mainstream society.”

The scale of immigration to the country, which soared in the wake of the 2015 European Migrant Crisis, has meant that now at least one-fifth of Sweden’s population are foreigners.

Ten years ago Sweden’s progressives were boasting that they were the world’s humanitarian superpower. Now all of Sweden is paying a very heavy price for their delusional high.

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