UK Home Secretary: multi-culturalism has failed

UK Home Secretary: multi-culturalism has failed. By Rod Lampard.

Suella Braverman didn’t mince her words when declaring that multi-culturalism has been a failure for the United Kingdom.

The UK’s Home Secretary isn’t afraid to be called names for exposing what she infers is largely a rort.

In a 50-minute address on illegal migration, she told Washington DC thinktank, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), that the migration crisis had become an existential challenge for the West. …

No border, no country:

As a daughter of migrants, Braverman (a Buddhist) said:

‘It’s a basic rule of history that nations which cannot defend their borders will not long survive.

‘It’s a basic rule of politics that political systems which cannot control their borders will not maintain the consent of the people, and thus not long endure.’ …

Muliculti has failed:

Multiculturalism has failed, she brazenly declared, because ‘multiculturalism makes no demands on the newcomer to integrate’.

‘It allows people to come to our society and live parallel lives, where they are in society, but not of it.’

Mass illegal migration, current invasions, (and in the more extreme, terrorism) are consequences of this failure.

The entirety of Braverman’s DC Speech was a clearer reiteration of her earlier ‘stopping the boats is a moral imperative’ address which was delivered 3 months ago in the House of Commons.

On that occasion Braverman outlined the Conservative Sunak government’s response to illegal mass immigration.

‘The current accommodation system is unsustainable, and unfair to taxpayers,’ she said. …

‘Let’s stop pretending that they are all refugees in distress. We need to be straight with the public: the system is broken. Illegal migration is out of control,’ she added. …

‘We will not be able to sustain an asylum system if in effect, simply being gay or a woman, or fearful of discrimination is sufficient to qualify for asylum.’



Braverman was backed by the reasoned arguments of others, which included a response from Reclaim Party leader, Laurence Fox, saying:

‘Every single word of this is true. Multiculturalism is destroying our society.’

‘Those who wish to become part of Great Britain should assimilate to our culture,’ he added. ‘We must, all of us, from any ethnic background, be British first. If you don’t like it. Leave.’

And why is it happening, really? Why only in white countries? Replacing the US whites in their own county has been accelerating:

The Wentworth Report has been one of many saying this sort of stuff for the past few years. Now it’s being said by a minister in the UK. Progress indeed. The public is waking up, and some politicians are reflecting their concerns.