The Voice: Bumper Sticker Run Out!

The Voice: Bumper Sticker Run Out! By Joanna Hackett.

As we approach the finishing line in this increasingly ugly and long-drawn out voice proposal, I am having a ‘run-out’ of my bumper stickers. For those newly arrived to the battle of the bumper stickers, these are the very famous bumper stickers that my alter-ego, Josie, created to save the country from the accursed voice. I am now distributing them at the bargain basement price of ten for $10, with free postage.

This is not the time to become complacent and loll about resting on our laurels, because the Yes side has a veritable army of indoctrinated young people (who, poor fools, still believe that this is a ‘modest’ proposal) coming to a suburb near you with a war chest of fancy t-shirts and leaflets and natty Yes23 caps. They are rolling across our country on a veritable tidal wave of cash from a disparate mob of sadly misguided entities as diverse as Rio Tinto and the Ramsay Foundation.

Be polite if they come to your door because they know not what they do.

If you wish to end up on the right side of history where the good guys are, contact me and order some stickers before it’s too late. Put them up everywhere! Your grandchildren will thank you for it when this voice rubbish collapses in a heap and Australians realise that we almost fell for the biggest con job since Federation.

Contact me at for stickers: