One More Voice?

One More Voice? By Viv Forbes, who has spent much of his long life in grazing, exploration and mining in outback Qld and NT. He has visited mission stations and employed aboriginal people. He learned first-hand how the Claimant Industry delays everything and enriches lawyers on both sides.

Australian politicians are promoting a divisive and racist change to our constitution — the creation of an indigenous “Voice” with undefined powers.

“Indigenous” means “born here”, so most of us are indigenous. And for all of us, our earliest Australian ancestors came from somewhere else.

To divide indigenous Australians on the basis of skin colour or length of ancestry is more about politics than about justice. We are all Australians and constitutional changes that promote apartheid policies should be rejected.

Australia is now home to Aboriginals, Islanders, English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Dutch, Italian, German, Scandinavians, Melanesians, Greeks, Kiwis, Afghans, Africans and others. Most have made permanent homes here. All who embrace Australian citizenship and obey Australian law should be treated equally before the law.

People identifying as Aboriginals already have eleven voices in federal Parliament — more than justified by their numbers in the population.

Moreover, huge government departments and billions of dollars are already representing aboriginal interests. The Voice will create another layer of race-based bureaucrats, and delay every significant political decision.

Despite having “native title” to far more land per head of population than most other Australians, many aboriginals live in degraded communal enclaves with poor community protection, especially for women and children. They need individual freehold titles not communal titles controlled by bureaucrats, academics and politicians.

Many Australians distrust proposals supported by big government, big business, trade unions and the ABC.

Ordinary Australians are continually insulted by being “welcomed” to events by people stomping around in red nappies, blowing smoke and making drainpipe noises. Most of these ceremonies are modern inventions. We do not need to be welcomed to our own country.

For these and many other reasons I will be voting “NO”.