DNA contamination of the mRNA vaccines

DNA contamination of the mRNA vaccines. By Joanne Nova.

Remember how we were told, in no uncertain terms, that the covid vaccines could alter not our DNA (because they were only RNA)? Well, chalk that up with “safe” and “effective.” It’s now established beyond all reasonable doubt that they can alter our DNA.

Three labs confirm fragments of DNA from manufacturing are left in the mRNA vaccines:

We injected 70% of the world’s population with a barely tested admixture that included random lengths of DNA.

We don’t know for sure if that DNA has been inserted into our nuclear DNA, but we’re not really looking either. The government just says mRNA can’t change your DNA. … Are we changing germline genetics of the human race — getting into sperm or egg cells? We don’t know. … We could easily have run those tests on sperm at least, before we approved anything in young fertile adults and children, but we didn’t. A Chinese scientist that did that once in a different experiment ended up in jail. …

In March, Kevin McKernan, a molecular biologist, found DNA contamination in Pfizer’s mRNA Covid vaccines and published this in here and here. As soon as Kevin McKernan put out his paper on the presence of small fragments of SV40, the Factcheckers arrived to flood the scene with strawmen — declaring there’s no SV40 virus in vaccines — which is true, but no one said there was.

Now the presence of remnant DNA has been confirmed by two independent labs (Dr. Sin Lee and Philip Buckhaults) … Phillip Buckaults interview with Maryanne Demasi:

My plan was to examine the vaccine to debunk the fear of SV40 being in the vaccine. … and lo and behold, it fired very hot. A very, very high signal. … and son of the gun, Kevin McKernan was right, this plasmid is present in the vaccine. I proved that there is NOT SV40 full virus, but there is plasmid DNA. And that plasmid does have a little piece of SV40 in it.

A plasmid is a circle of DNA that’s a regular lab tool. In this case it contains about 10% of the SV40 virus, a virus that contaminated some polio vaccines around 1960 … The part of SV40 that’s in the plasmid is a potent part that amplifies or promotes whatever code follows it. Indeed, SV40 is used in gene therapy research — it makes a good vector. It’s such a good gene therapy tool that the residual DNA contaminant ought to be classified under gene therapy regulations instead of vaccination rules, says McKernan. …

mRNA vaccines are incredibly complex chemicals, and some batches went wrong:

To create all the copies of mRNA, and package it up, we use E.Coli — a bacterium — to be the molecular factory, then we have to strip out those factories, to disassemble them and all their “body parts” and remove them, without damaging the product, and in some batches we failed miserably.

Once again, we all hope friends, families and readers here, of course, got the good batches. It was a lottery. …

A cocktail of contaminants:

The contaminants include not just a part of a monkey virus, but also antibiotic resistance, and also something called a 72 ACE pair enhancer which is apparently good for moving DNA into the nucleus

Some researchers are quite concerned to put it mildly. The odds may be low, but the numbers are astronomical. After a few billion hands of poker everyone has a Royal Flush. …

So, the DNA that shouldn’t be there is packaged with (a) a promoter that greatly amplifies its effect, and (b) an agent that moves it into the nucleus of our cells, where the DNA is. Then it’s down to all chance:

Fragments of DNA — especially ones packaged the right way — could integrate into our own genetic code. They may do nothing or everything depending on where they “land” in our 3.2 billion base genome.

They may cause cancer if they land inside a key gene that usually protects us against cancer. …

Pfizer hid the SV40 component — Philip McKernan:

“The really crushing thing here is Pfizer never disclosed the SV40 information to the EMA [European Medicines Agency]. They gave them a plasmid map of what the plasmid consisted of, with all of the features labeled, with the exception of the SV40 site.

They did that because they know the SV40 region is a very controversial base in its history in the vaccine field. The polio vaccines were contaminated with the full virus, not just these little components, but the full virus. The full virus has over 5,000 bases. The components we have are about 466 bases of the virus, but they’re arguably the most functional aspects of the virus’s genome for replicating and for gene expression. …

Fragments of DNA that integrate may do nothing or everything depending on where they “land” in our 3.2 billion base genome.”


If the DNA of eggs and sperm is being changed — it may mean the death of that particular embryo, which may delay pregnancy but not preclude it. It could translate into falling fertility rates, or it may mean children born with a higher risk of disease or disability.

We may be playing “shotgun” genetics with the next generation. …


Why aren’t our Ministers of Health looking? It would be easy to analyze sperm samples and answer this question. It’s a lot harder to test eggs. It’s the sort of test that could be done in weeks. … Why didn’t they test for this at the start of 2021?

Safe, effective, and won’t alter your DNA. All turned out to be wrong. Some people knew at the time. We were lied to. And now no one wants to investigate, because the health bureaucrats who encouraged us to take these things are all culpable.