Whites Made Up Only 6% of New US Workers Added After BLM Protests

Whites Made Up Only 6% of New US Workers Added After BLM Protests. By Bruce Gil.

In 2021, 94% of new jobs at 88 S&P 100 companies were filled by people of color, according to an analysis from Bloomberg.

Following the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd, many large corporations made pledges to address racial imbalances among their workforce.

Microsoft promised to double its number of Black managers and senior leaders in the U.S. by 2025. Meta, then known as Facebook, pledged to increase its representation of people of color in leadership positions in the U.S. by 30% by 2025. Amazon set a goal to double its representation of Black directors and vice presidents. …

In 2021, 88 companies in the S&P 100 increased their headcount collectively by 323,094 people, and 94% of those people were from underrepresented groups, the analysis found. …

Seventy-four percent of executive positions were held by white people in 2021.

Protest works. Identity group politics worked, and meritocracy was weakened.