The Nipah Virus and Long Covid

The Nipah Virus and Long Covid. By David Archibald.

A friend has written:

The sniffle is just not cutting it anymore. We need the Wuhan Lab to create a real pandemic this time, to frighten the suckers into destroying their immune systems.

That is why they have rolled out the Nipah virus, with an outbreak in India.


Kerala, two days ago


I predicted it would be a Nipah virus outbreak in this article on 25th January this year, which has this sentence:

I am told that the new disease in train will be based on the Nipah virus.

The person who told me used to work in HIV vaccine research in the 1990s, so she knows the science inside-out, top to bottom, and in great detail. She was present when history was being made. …

Why Nipah, why now?

In hindsight, the medical protocols advised to deal with covid were designed to maximise infection, and in particular prolonged infection, which would give the virus the opportunity to find a home in immunoprotected tissue. That is why people infected with covid were advised to wait at home until they became really sick, and only then go to hospital. No antivirals were recommended. Once they got to hospital, they weren’t given antivirals then either. If they deteriorated they were sent to ICU and put on a ventilator, which was a death sentence.

That is why the CDC was so much against ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The covid virus requires exhaustion of the immune system to get past the immune system into immunoprotected tissue. The FDA in the US even tried to ban the completely innocuous molecule N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) because it had shown some efficacy in stopping covid infection. Amazon removed NAC from sale.

Also in hindsight, the lockdowns were enforced in order to herd people towards vaccination. Once they were vaccinated, they were able to go back to normal. The unvaccinated were deemed pariahs to aid this process.

Why vaccination?

The covid cabal knew of the potential for antibody-driven enhancement, which means that a vaccine might train the immune system to fight a particular variant of the virus. But the virus mutates so that the immune system makes the wrong-shaped antibody for the new variant and there is a higher infection rate than if people had remained unvaccinated. The IgG class-switching to IgG4, which treats covid if it was just an allergy, may have been a bonus for the covid cabal.

The vaccines were a big moneymaker for Bill Gates and others. He got into BioNTech stock only a month before the covid outbreak. But it wasn’t just about money. The vaccinated are now three times more likely to be infected by covid than the unvaccinated and therefore three times as likely to develop long covid, which is the point of the whole exercise. But the number of people getting covid boosters has dropped away, as it has become quite evident that the vaccine is worse than useless.

So what is next then?

To explain that, let’s go back to 2003 and the release of the original SARS virus. It had a case fatality rate of 30%, which meant that it was easy to track down and eliminate. The SPARS wargaming exercise conducted by the John Hopkins Center for Health Security in 2017 predicted that the next viral pandemic would be based on the SARS virus, but with a case fatality rate of 0.6% instead of 30%. This is a case fatality rate no worse than influenza, so the public can be told that they can live with it.

But the public can’t live with it, because covid has bits of the HIV genome sewn into it. HIV is the disease that bioweapons researchers admire the most because it doesn’t kill people straight away, but weakens their immune system so that other viruses, bacteria, funghi, and cancers end up knocking them off. For HIV, death averaged 12 years after the initial infection. That is in the past tense because HIV patients are now kept alive, with functioning immune systems, by antivirals that stop replication of the virus in immunoprotected tissue, even though they don’t kill the virus.

Which brings us back to the Nipah virus. Twelve years is a long time to wait and the covid cabal is in a hurry. Now that a big chunk of the population has had their immune systems weakened by covid vaccination, a traditional deadly virus will be harder to fight off. The Nipah virus has a case fatality rate of 70%.

What if Nipah is a bit far-fetched and all we have to worry about is long covid? How bad is long covid going to get? This study at George Washington University in the US found that, in their staff and students, 36% of those ever infected now have long covid. On top of that, some amongst the other 64% have viral persistence but are yet to develop symptoms of long covid. The implication of viral persistence of a disease that depletes CD4 cells is that these people will die. It is an unknown number beyond those who currently show long covid symptoms.