The latest class signifier in Australia: Voting ‘Yes’ to the Voice

The latest class signifier in Australia: Voting ‘Yes’ to the Voice. By Alexandra Marshall.

Is Western Civilisation’s middle-class being pranked? The people we thought we knew – peers, colleagues, relatives, and friends – are repeating ever-more ridiculous slogans to remain within the ‘popular’ crowd.

Where, one wonders, can they go after nodding along to the ‘female penis’ and ‘global boiling’?

When did it become the height of culture to take a toddler to a drag show armed with dollar-notes to tuck into the fishnets of a middle-aged man?

Why has the definition of inclusion stretched to men cheating at women’s sport?

What is the diversity movement doing luring children onto the scalpel of the medical industry?

These are the questions I muse over while listening to bewildering conversations in the local cafe.

We’ve all heard the tiresome yet true observation regarding ‘communism’s long march through the institutions’ but the brainwashing of society’s children into a range of Leftist ‘isms’ does not explain what happened to their parents.

Sensible, successful, well-educated, formerly conservative, affluent, and politically disinterested Australians have experienced a sudden conversion into activism. Their mysterious zealotry, left unchecked, could permanently change this nation.

Class warfare. This is how the upper and professional class distinguishes itself and signals membership. One might say it signals obedience.

A clue may be found in their children …

Delusions of salvation switched to boredom after the first week of university. Up close, the illustrious sandstone halls were actually hollowed-out termite nests infested with rotting ideology and hopeless lecturers that would struggle to compete with your average Wikipedia article. Anyone who went to an Australian university seeking knowledge had an allergic reaction and fled into the workforce. Those Blue Ribbon children who stayed came out the other end as climate warriors nursing anti-capitalist tendencies. …

Part of the Millennial obsession with political activism comes from a deep sense that their lives at the bottom rung of the workforce will ultimately achieve nothing. Past generations engaged in more physical labour. If you plough and plant a field, something grows. Today, ‘work’ is often digital with the ‘fruits’ of that labour so far removed from the average worker that they are left feeling empty. …

The big lie:

Despite being taught to value equality among all citizens, regardless of race, they have abandoned these principles.

Allow me to rephrase that.

They still believe that racism is evil and equality is king (this is crucial to understand) — but they have been convinced by propaganda that creating a Canberra-based racial bureaucracy is equality. …

What happens when we reject their referendum?

To unpick this narrative is easy, but accepting it involves the person realising they have been supporting a racist proposition — publicly. Most would rather ignore the truth and double down on the lie, using the ‘consensus’ of the activist pack to protect their reputation. They have been trained by Climate Change to accept mob consensus as fact, so this is easily done.

If the referendum returns a ‘no’ vote, it will cause an enormous amount of embarrassment to these individuals, corporations, and politicians — which could explain why Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has (idiotically) decided to propose a second referendum as a consolation prize to ease people off their addiction to race politics. …

If the ‘Yes’ movement is unmasked as racist, unpopular, and lacking ‘virtue’ the response will be anger.

Instead of accepting that the majority do not support vanity activism, some form of counter-narrative will be spun out by Labor. …

Expect them to call us nasty names, for months or years.

All of this helps explain the radicalisation of the under-40 Australian. It does not explain their parents and grandparents. …

Listen to their conversations now and you will hear soliloquies about the imminent climate apocalypse brought about by selfish, carbon-wasting climate deniers. They love renewable energy but do not expect to see a wind turbine or solar panel in their idyllic neighbourhood. Their privileged geography protects them from the consequences of activism. Other people, poorer people, have to make those sacrifices on their behalf.