Covid: When To Start Antivirals

Covid: When To Start Antivirals. By David Archibald.

The covid infected can be divided into three groups.

First, there are those who escaped having the virus find a home in some of their immunoprotected tissue, in which the immune system can’t chase after it.

Second, there are those who developed long covid, meaning that the virus set up shop in some immunoprotected tissue – the lymph tissue around the gut, bone marrow, glial cells of the central nervous symptom and others. Covid has a predilection for the bone marrow, although autopsies have found covid RNA in a number of tissue types, including the lymph nodes, small intestine, adrenal gland, heart and brain.

From that hideout the covid virions aggravate the immune system and eventually wear it out, leaving the body open to attack from other viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and cancers. In the meantime, the long covid cohort spend their lives fatigued, listless and lifeless. Like Jeb Bush, they are low-energy.

The fatigue is likely due to mitochondrial misfunction, with the conversion of glucose to energy misdirected to a low yield route. In particular, covid in the jejunem, the second part of the small intestine, causes a loss of intestinal barrier function, allowing lipopolysaccharide to enter the bloodstream with consequent chronic stimulation of the immune system, immune senesence, and neurocognitive decline.

Long covid was first noted in Irish nurses who didn’t recover from their initial covid infection. It was relatively rare at a bit under 2% of those infected. After the introduction of vaccination its incidence has risen ten-fold:



This increased incidence can be explained by the fact that the vaccine enthusiasts with three or more doses have a covid infection rate over three times higher than the unvaccinated. In late 2022, the Cleveland Clinic produced a report on the effect of vaccination on 51,017 of its employees. The report found that the risk of contracting covid increases with each vaccination:



The vaccine enthusiasts also have IgG class-switching to mostly IgG4, which tells their immune system to not fight the covid that has invaded their bodies.

One consequence of that is an impaired immune system after the third dose, as we recounted in this article. Briefly, the spike converts the bulk of the immune system to treating infections as if they were an allergen, as shown by this figure of IgG4 levels (FU = follow up, months after the vaccination):



Note that the y axis scale is logarithmic. IgG4 protects the foreign body it attaches to from attack by the rest of the immune system. So the three-dose vaccine enthusiasts should have a higher covid infection rate, and so they do.

The implication is that that vaccination has increased the rate at which covid gets into immunoprotected tissue by ten fold. The significance of this is that everyone with covid in their immunoprotected tissue will eventually be killed by the disease, as in HIV. We can presume that this is the reason why bits of the HIV genome were sewn into the covid genome. …

Third, there are those who have covid in their immunoprotected tissue but don’t yet show any symptoms — the asymptomatic long covid cohort. There has been a big increase in excess deaths, worrying enough for the covid cabal to try on some misdirection:



They are trying to make us believe that it is not due to covid, which is true in part because a proportion will be due to the vaccines. But, given its parallels with HIV, there will be asymptomatic people with covid in their immunoprotected tissue who are now more susceptible to rapid-onset cancers, infections, and heart problems.

Then David discusses treatments and prevention, at the link.