The Covid-19 conclusion we weren’t allowed to know

The Covid-19 conclusion we weren’t allowed to know. By Sharri Markson.

Buried away inside one of the US intelligence agencies’ secret laboratories, a group of eminent scientists examined the structure of Covid-19 in order to determine its origin. …

The scientists at the ­Defence ­Intelligence Agency’s National Centre for Medical Intelligence (NCMI) remain unknown and their endeavours to uncover the origins of Covid-19 have gone publicly unrecognised.

Worse, there have even been attempts, at the highest levels of the US government to censor them and keep their discoveries secret.

Unlike the Proximal Origins paper, downloaded and cited millions of times, their papers — some top secret, others unclassified — ­remain tucked away behind the impenetrable walls of Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Today, for the first time, we hear their extraordinary story and reveal the lengths taken to hide from the public their categorical discovery and scientific conclusions. Sources familiar with the work that unfolded inside the ­intelligence agency and the scientists’ interactions with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence spoke to The Australian for this investigation.

Stripped of scientific complexity, these highly experienced ­researchers conclude that Covid-19 was almost certainly the result of experiments in a lab, and was not of natural origin as the world has been led to believe.

Smoking gun:

They made a discovery that was ­described internally as a smoking gun.

One of the scientists discovered that the size and location of a fragment of Covid-19 resembled a fragment in Wuhan Institute of Virology research from more than a decade earlier, in 2008. It ­involved the same technique the Wuhan institute used in grant ­applications to make chimeric ­viruses. “This paper is the smoking gun of everything. When the team reviewed this data, they thought ‘This is created in the lab. It’s a ­reverse genetics construct,” a source said.

Unlike the Proximal Origins authors, their first concern was not the effect on scientific collaboration or funding – they focused purely on what the science told them about the origins of the virus.

When the Proximal Origins paper was published — claiming there was no evidence for a laboratory construct — [Robert Greg Cutlip, a senior research scientist who had been employed by the DIA from 2010 to 2021] and his colleagues were stunned.

When Fauci and Francis Collins used it to insist the virus was natural, saying the matter had been settled, they were shocked. …


Lying, and parts of the US government knew it all along

Cover up:

They wrote an unclassified working paper, dated May 26, 2020, titled Critical Analysis of Anderson et al. The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2.

Their paper was circulated within ­the NCMI and among multiple scientists within the intelligence community. It was also intended for wider publication, so that the public could have a greater understanding of the new virus sweeping the globe. But it was never allowed to be disseminated more broadly, in yet another cover-up of scientists who questioned the natural origins narrative perpetuated by senior officials.

The report was scathing of the Proximal Origin authors’ claim that Covid-19 had a natural origin. …

Over the next year, their work and analysis continued, drawing in and involving other scientists from separate units, including the Institute for ­Advanced Technologies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Their findings were shared and discussed with scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the CIA, the FBI’s weapons of mass destruction unit and the US Army Medical ­Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

The Australian understands that the scientists generally concurred that the virus was most likely genetically engineered.

“We briefed everyone on these findings. We were in alignment,” sources close to the inquiry said. “All four of the scientific groups concurred it was not a natural virus.”

But, on July 7, 2021, the group was blocked from sharing other findings with the FBI.

A director at NCMI is understood to have instructed them: “You may not speak with the FBI WMD anymore. They are off the reservation on this.”


And there was worse censorship still to come.

Joe Biden ordered a 90-day probe into the origins of Covid-19 in May 2021. A draft document was shared with agencies in the intelligence community for input. … The group at the NCMI was surprised to see their edits didn’t make the version that appeared in public. Sources close to the inquiry estimated that about 90 per cent of the NCMI edits were deleted or censored. ….

The scientific team thought the 90-day report was scientifically inaccurate, according to sources familiar with the inquiry. …

The scientists who had actually done the work were not even permitted to speak directly with the National Intelligence Council; they were told to go through a lower-qualified intermediary.

There was a strong sense that this amounted to a silencing of the scientists. It was very unusual, ­according to sources close to the matter. The scientists viewed their experience examining the origins of Covid, and their findings being blocked from entering the public domain of the intelligence community reports, as a cover-up.

They all say it was abundantly clear the NIC was “pushing the natural narrative”. …

They knew they were lying:

While Hardham, Cutlip and Chretien, the scientists with expert knowledge of genomic sequencing, were silenced, the narrative of a natural origin was perpetuated by Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins and Jeremy Farrar.

Emails subpoenaed by US congress reveal how the scientists who authored the Proximal Origins paper privately discussed the possibility of a laboratory leak while insisting publicly that any such suggestion was a conspiracy.

But it worked:

Three and a half years since the NCMI scientists came to their strong view that SARS-CoV-2 was likely lab-engineered, the public perception to this day is that the virus was most likely natural.

And the intelligence community continues to insist, even in its most recent declassified update of 2023, that almost all agencies agree the virus has not been genetically engineered.

Corrupt lying government and a corrupt, lying, uniparty President.

Well at least readers of this blog knew from early 2020 that covid  almost certainly came out of the bioweapons lab in Wuhan. But most of the world still doesn’t know, and won’t face up to the consequences — biowarfare weapons are being cooked up, more will be released (“accidentally”?), and covid might have been designed to have a nasty long term effect. And what’s with the mRNA vaccines that suddenly appeared and were favored over the traditional vaccines?