Concealing the Intent of the Voice

Concealing the Intent of the Voice. By the Spectator Australia.

Foolishly, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese suggested a ‘conspiracy theory’ in parliament this week pertaining to his precious Voice.

Or more particularly, pertaining to the stunning revelations by host Peta Credlin on Sky News Australia that rather than being a benign-looking one-page document covered in pretty patterns and signatures, the much-vaunted ‘symbolic’ Uluru Statement from the Heart actually runs to some 26 pages of detailed planning for a major restructure of this nation’s polity to bring about a self-governing Aboriginal nation.

Moreover, this has to all intents and purposes been hidden from the public’s gaze until recently revealed under a freedom of information request.

Why is this additional detail important? Because the Prime Minister has on some 30-plus occasions committed to implementing the Uluru Statement from the Heart ‘in full’. Therefore the public should have been shown the Uluru Statement ‘in full’.

Instead, the PM sought to belittle Ms Credlin’s revelations as conspiracy theory.

‘Nothing exposes the falseness of the arguments being put by the No campaign than this conspiracy theory….’ Mr Albanese said, before going for the gag. ‘I mean, what role did Marcia Langton play in the faking of the moon landing? There’s a whole lot of projection going on here, Mr Speaker, more projection than a film festival.’ And again: ‘That is a conspiracy in search of a theory… like the QAnon theories, we have all sorts of conspiracy stuff out there, but this is a ripper.’ …

Within 24 hours Ms Credlin substantiated her claims. The full Uluru Statement from the Heart is 26 pages long and can be found as ‘Document 14’ on the NIAA website, she said, citing Megan Davis, one of the statement’s architects, who repeatedly insisted in public that the statement isn’t just one page but is ‘lengthy… around 18 to 20 pages’, as well as the government’s FOI lawyers who confirmed that Document 14 is the full Uluru Statement from the Heart. Presumably at the insistence of Labor heavies, certain individuals are now frantically back-tracking.

Has the Yes campaign been caught faking its own moon landing, at the behest of the Prime Minister? Have those being accused of peddling a ‘conspiracy theory’ in fact simply exposed a hidden truth?

The idea that the extra 25 pages are simply irrelevant bureaucratic note-taking is a nonsense, given that for months No campaigners have been demanding detail on many issues surrounding the functioning and purpose of the Voice and the literal relationship between ‘voice’, ‘treaty’, ‘makaratta’, ‘truth-telling’ (see Kel Richards revelatory piece in this week’s issue) and so on. Repeatedly the answer to these questions has been, ‘no one knows, we’ll work that out later’. Yet the answers to those questions are in black and white in Document 14, detailing the mechanisms and intentions of the framers of the Uluru Statement, of which the Voice is the all-important first step and legal mechanism to achieving everything else. Such as: …

‘Treaty would be the vehicle to achieve self-determination, autonomy and self-government.’

‘…creation of a “Black Parliament”.’

On p. 26, ‘Road Map 3’ sees the Voice literally turn into a self-governing First Nation within its own borders.

So is the Voice actually the precursor to a massive transfer of sovereignty, wealth and power? Naah. That’s just a conspiracy theory.

So like climate. When presented with inconvenient facts, the climate establishment just lies — and the media fully backs their lies. Boy did we learn that lesson fast back in 2007 when we joined in the “debate.”

Peta Credlin adds:

As someone with long personal experience, I think I can surmise what’s just happened between the government and the bureaucracy.

At some point in the past couple of days — once the full Statement for the Heart became a big political headache for the PM — the backroom operators started scrambling because they knew the full Uluru Statement would only harden voters against the voice. When Jacinta Price’s office then had oral confirmation that matched the FOI written advice, the NIAA boss was forced to weigh in and backtrack.

It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that, under pressure from the government, junior officials have been thrown under a bus in a tawdry attempt to rescue the PM from a hole of his own making.

In fairness to the PM, who is not a details man, he may not have known about the other 25 pages of the Uluru Statement when he pledged at least 34 times to implement it “in full”. But the activists who drafted the statement certainly knew what it contained, as Professor Davis’s repeated statements show. She cannot now credibly backtrack and nor can the NIAA.

The use of the term Makarrata, even in the sanitised one-page Uluru summary, gives the game away. This is a Yolngu word meaning a retribution ritual, a disabling spearing, to atone for a wrong that’s been committed. Hence the Makarrata Commission — which even the one-page version of the statement demands — is essentially a payback punishment for the ­supposed injustice of the settlement of Australia. The very fact that the government now wants to bury the full statement says everything about what will happen to Australia if the voice gets up: Voice. Treaty. Truth. Voice first. Then Treaty and Truth.

It’s more like a log of claims against the Australian nation for a litany of wrongs (unrelieved by any countervailing benefits) that have supposedly been perpetrated against Aboriginal people. This is what all Australians should be familiar with before casting their votes.

Hmmm, Seen this?

hat-tip Peter S.