Police careers destroyed by Brittany Higgins “rape” case

Police careers destroyed by Brittany Higgins “rape” case. By Janet Albrechtsen.

Many senior and junior police involved in the investigation of Brittany Higgins’s rape claims have lost their jobs or gone on long-term sick leave and will never return to policing in the wake of baseless accusations against them by ACT chief prosecutor Shane Drumgold.

Thirteen Australian Federal Police officers involved in the investigation of the claims, including Detective Superintendent Scott Moller, have told The Australian of catastrophic damage to their lives and careers from the inquiry he demanded.

“It must not be understated exactly what harm these baseless allegations have caused to individual police officers,” said lawyer Calvin Gnech, on behalf of his clients. “Careers have been lost and reputations severely damaged, all of which was entirely unnecessary.”

The Sofronoff inquiry found that although mistakes were made by police, none had engaged in misconduct and investigators “performed their duties in absolute good faith, with great determination although faced with obstacles, and put together a sound case”.

The feminists had their ideological victory and Brittany Higgins — who texted a few weeks before the incident about the need for a proper sex scandal — was awarded $2.5m. Lehrmann insists there was no sex, but no court will hear him now.

Meanwhile the list of victims — all male or conservative — keeps growing. Lehrmann, Drumgold (for doing the bidding of the feminists), Senator Reynolds, the Morrison government, and now 13 cops. And of course all the men in Australia, who were smeared yet again by the feminists. And Australian taxpayers for financing this political crime.