Five minutes that show that the RINOs are finished

Five minutes that show that the RINOs are finished. By Revolver.

Once a whispered secret, the uni-party is now an undeniable reality. It’s we the people versus them — the globalist establishment figures like Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and countless others.

These swamp creatures share more in common with Joe Biden’s regime than they do with the America First movement championed by President Trump. This explains their unrelenting efforts to destroy him.

While the downside is the non-stop battles and realizing that those you once trusted are actually your enemy, the silver lining is that more and more Americans are awakening to the truth each day. As a result of that “great awakening,” the old guard has crumbled, and the MAGA movement has taken the reins.

Nowhere was this transformation more apparent than in Kentucky, where RINO Mitch McConnell encountered thunderous heckling and a chorus of boos that drowned out his words. The righteously indignant crowd called for his retirement, a demand that resonated powerfully for a remarkable five-whole-minutes. …

These traitors now have two choices: either they relinquish all plots and schemes against Trump and wholeheartedly embrace the America First movement with unwavering commitment, or they leave the new GOP and team up with their comrades on the left. The era of the”uni-party” has evaporated for these traitors, as MAGA firmly asserts its dominance over the RINOs, very loudly, for everyone to hear.

The two political sides right now are the professional-managerial ruling class plus their mascots — aka the narrative people, the globalists, the Davos crowd, the rich and their professional helpers, the woke, etc — versus the rest of us. You’re either for or against the narrative.

The two parties in the US are getting closer to reflecting the new alignment. In Australia, there is a longer way to go.