Will The Biden Administration Let Trump Take Office In 2025?

Will The Biden Administration Let Trump Take Office In 2025? By Kurt Schlicter.

[Biden]  shamelessly told us — like he shamelessly told us he fired that Ukrainian prosecutor as part of the Delaware Corleone crime club’s corruptorama — that he absolutely would not let Trump take office again.

Sure, he qualified it by claiming, in his own grammatically challenged way, that he would only employ “legitimate efforts of the Constitution,” but we have seen that, among other things, his idea of the “legitimate efforts of the Constitution” “ includes using his DOJ to frame the ex-president/his chief political rival. …

It’s clear they would have no moral or utilitarian redline against intervening to prevent Donald Trump from taking office in the unlikely event he wins in 2024….

The fix:

Well, they will start before the ballots are cast. Expect the same kind of shenanigans they pulled to “fortify” the 2020 pseudo-election in 2024. It is fair and proper to call 2020 a rigged election, but not because of the bizarre kraken idiocy that only had the effect of overshadowing and discrediting the exposure of the real scam.

Yes, there was some cheating. We found cheating the first night I was in Las Vegas with the legal team. The extent is unproven and fraud is really only a factor in a close race where a few hundred or thousand votes separate the candidates. A more serious issue is the plethora of quasi-legal and outright unlawful rule changes imposed at the last minute which our glorious RNC failed to anticipate and litigate beforehand. …

Luckily, some red states like Florida, Georgia, and Texas have reformed their laws to prevent the worst abuses, and everyone in the GOP but the loons and knuckleheads are up to ballot harvesting where ballots can be harvested.

But the states with blue governors are going to do everything they can to make sure that their elections are as insecure as a Bulwark staff writer walking into a gym. And then there were the institutional thumbs on the scale in favor of Biden – we will see that again too. Out in front will be the regime media cheerleading the Democrat party line that Trump is Hitler x Franco to the max. …

But what if Trump wins anyway?

Well, they will riot. We know that last time they had hundreds of “demonstrations” planned should Trump win.

Their 2024 rioters will burn, loot, and kill, as the feds step back, applaud and kneel, and you will be told this is democracy in action. The only people who will be prosecuted will be those defending themselves. But that’s really in the big blue cities — not sure it will go so well if they try that in a small town.

At the same time, expect lawfare in every Dem stronghold where pinko judges will eagerly toss out GOP wins, the law be damned. … Luckily SCOTUS remains in American hands, but understands that every single leftist judge in the country will make whatever fraudulent finding necessary to ensure a leftist win. …

Watch Kamala Harris show up to do what Mike Pence – before he became an insufferably prissy collaborator with the narrative over the last few weeks – properly refused to do and try to interfere with the Electoral College count. Do not put it past the Democrat majority to refuse to certify a Donald Trump win in favor of their guy …

Then watch them push slates of fake electors, who are once again (as they were in 2000, 2004, and 2016) not just A-OK but heroic defenders of Our Democracy. Yeah, the same kind of people currently being framed by Democrats when they are Republicans will be celebrated when they are Democrats.

If they have to:

And what happens when this all fails? Will Biden leave the White House? We know that Joe Biden is a black swan souffle of stupidity, senility, and corruption. What if he just says…”No?” Then we will have a standoff, a constitutional crisis.

He’s been ignoring the law for four years to impose things he cannot get passed via the Constitution, so why would he not ignore it to keep his sinecure? And there’s no referee that can compel him not to.

SCOTUS orders do not enforce themselves. Is the DOJ going to suddenly arrest Democrats for sedition? Do you expect our garbage military leadership to have the troops sashay up Pennsylvania Avenue to depose the despot? No, they will back Biden’s play in large part because the generals and admirals know their sorry brasses are getting fired before the sun goes down on Inauguration Day. …

We are supposed to be afraid to vote for who we want:

A sickening number of alleged Americans would support a dictatorship to stop Trump 2.0, but that is not a reason not to support Trump. There are many reasons to choose someone other than Trump, and “The Democrats might start a civil war” is not one of them. …

Democrat threats of imposing the fascist government they have long dreamt of must not merely be ignored; they must be met with a steely determination not to allow it.

But they may try. They are stupid and evil and they are historically illiterate to the point that they do not understand the danger inherent in the kind of antics they are considering. Again, we know they considered doing this in advance of 2020 and we know what the idiot in the Oval Office has actually threatened.

Of course they wont let Trump become president again. Dictatorships don’t work like that.